Sturdy backpack? Check out Samsonite Lapt

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Do you need a sturdy backpack to carry your laptop?

If we talk about backpacks, we must go to Samsonite, one of the leading brands around the world when it comes to the manufacture of items of various types to store luggage. In this case, I will talk about the Samsonite Lapt backpack, a backpack for daily use that comes with a laptop compartment and with a capacity of 22 liters, in addition to many other interesting things.  This backpack can be used for travel, going to school, and much more. It will guarantee great durability and is incredibly comfortable. Next, I will mention some features.

Features of the Samsonite Lapt backpack

This robust backpack from Samsonite stands out for its polyester exterior materials and the incorporation of inverted zippers and accentuated seams, to give it the greatest resistance to shocks and ensure that your things are always well protected. In its upper handle the padded neoprene material has been incorporated, to give the user the softest touch and that carrying this suitcase never means a burden at any time. It includes a practical compartment to carry your laptop, with the fundamental protection so that it is protected and does not suffer at any time. It is a medium-sized luggage product, 31 cm and with 22 liters of capacity, in addition to dimensions of width x depth x height of 310 mm x 210 mm x 445 mm. This model of suitcases of the Samsonite brand is part of a new collection of products for businesses that are aimed at users who are looking for these items with a very attractive exterior appearance and with important robustness, in addition to the essential functionality for the traveler or contemporary. On the outside, it incorporates two elastic grid pockets located on both sides of the suitcase, as well as an extra pocket equipped with a zipper that stands out for its soft touch so that it is very useful to place electronic devices, sunglasses, and any small object that you need to travel well protected. The straps of this suitcase are padded, ergonomic, and adjustable, three fundamental features that give the product the ability to improve mobility and comfort for the user when traveling. The reinforcement added in the back of this suitcase has been thought of by the manufacturer brand with the aim of reducing the tension on the back of those who carry it since it is a reinforcement based on the best lumbar support. It includes two external net supports designed to place bottles, located one on each side. And if all this were not enough, it also incorporates an anterior compartment inside which there are 2 pens and multiple more pockets to place the mobile phone and other personal accessories. In such a way that everything you can think of can fit in this versatile suitcase and is of the highest quality, with the factory seal of a specialized firm such as Samsonite.

Main advantages

The straps of this Samsonite suitcase stand out for being padded, ergonomic and adjustable, three fundamental characteristics that give the product the ability to improve mobility and comfort for the user when traveling. It includes an added reinforcement on the back that has been thought of by the manufacturer brand with the aim of reducing the tension on the back of those who wear it. The reinforcement based on solid lumbar support will prevent the user from suffering from those prolonged back and spine pains, which are always so annoying and that it costs so much to remove.

Main disadvantages

You must avoid carrying this backpack too much since it can suffer and present problems with its seams. But it is something that usually happens with all types of luggage of this type and that has nothing to do with the quality of the product. If you have a laptop of the old and, therefore, larger than the current ones, it is possible that it does not fit in this suitcase or that when closing it is impossible to do so.

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