Need an Emergency Radio? Take a look at ALLOMN

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Looking for a compact and modern radio to use in natural disasters?

Natural disasters often result in the total loss of electricity and it is important to stay informed and updated on what is happening in the news. The authorities usually ask the population to stay in their homes. The radio is usually the preferred device to be used when a natural disaster occurs because it does not need an electrical connection and the battery consumption is low. It is important to choose a good quality radio which can offer useful features. There is an extensive market for radios. That’s why I took on the task of finding an ideal emergency radio to use in the event of an accident or natural disaster. That’s why I’ll tell you about ALLOMN a radio with interesting features that will help you stay informed even when the battery runs out. It is a radio with multiple functions. Dis to charge a cell phone until recharging the radio itself using a crank (without the need for electricity). The best thing about this radio is its price. You can find this radio available on the Amazon store for less than $17. If you want to be informed at all times you would surely like to know more about this product.

Features of ALLOMN radio

The ALLOMN is a spectacular radio that can be used in the event of a natural disaster. The main feature of this radio is how easy to recharge. You can use 6 different charging methods. You can use solar energy, use the crank to recharge the radio manually (no need for electric power), recharge with USB, using the included 2000mAh rechargeable battery, and charge the radio using the car battery. Another useful feature is that you will be able to charge electrical devices such as cell phones or tablets. This radio is capable of automatically scanning a total of 7 NOOA channels in addition to AM and FM stations. Radio stations allow you to stay informed in the event of a war, hurricane, earthquake, tsunami, or any natural disaster. This portable radio also includes an LED flashlight. The LED flashlight allows you to stay illuminated in the dark and in case you need to escape it can be useful and could even save your life, it can also work to find lost objects. ALLOMN radio includes IPX5 certification. IPX5 certification allows the radio to be used in the rain. The most interesting feature is the recharge crank. The crank allows you to recharge the radio and flashlight manually, this is useful in case of losing electricity completely. Using the crank for one minute you can get up to 20 minutes of the flashlight or 20 minutes of radio. The radio is easy to carry and will not take up much space. When the radio is fully charged it can run for 8 hours.


If you are looking for a radio to use during natural disasters then the ALLOMN radio is what you need. For its price, you will surely not find something better. It offers amazing features to stay informed at any time. For less than 17 dollars you can buy this emergency radio.

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