Party costume? Check out the amazing Prextex clown costume

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Do you need a cheap clown costume?

Kids love clowns. These nice characters are funny and make people laugh. It is normal for children to want to imitate the disguise of a clown. The costume of a clown is mainly characterized by having cheerful and intense colors and usually red, yellow, green, and blue are always used in the costume. It is likely that if you are looking to buy a costume you will worry about choosing the right size and that can be a problem. The good news is that manufacturers like Prextex have been commissioned to design a costume that can be used on children or adults regardless of size. Include or an adult can use the clown costume. You can use this costume at Halloween parties, birthdays, school parties, or any place where the joy of a clown is needed.  The prextex clown costume can be used by children over 3 years old so any child older than that age can also use the costume regardless of size. If you are looking for a clown costume for a low price you would surely like to know more about this product.

Feature of the Prextex clown costume

Surely the Prextex clown costume will help make your child’s party unforgettable. Whether you or your child wish to dress as a clown this costume can be worn by both. Prextex is in charge of designing a costume that can fit almost any size, therefore, if your child is over 3 years old or if you are a 60-year-old grandparent it does not matter, both can use the same size. Pretex took it upon itself to include a full costume for a relatively low price. Inside the box, you can find 5 accessories to complement the clown costume. A colorful wig with a mix of 5 different colors (red, yellow, blue, green, and purple) is included. Inside the box, you will also find a red clown nose.  Includes 1 tie and 1 colorful yellow bow with ball designs of different colors. Finally, a fun read and yellow long shoe is included to complement the costume. Keep in mind that Prextex uses high-quality fabric to ensure fun moments with your child. The fabric that is used guarantees comforts no matter the age of the person. With this costume set, your child can use it in costume contests. For just $20 you’re sure to be satisfied with this fun costume.


If you are looking for a clown costume for children over 3 years old then this is what you need. Prextex designed this costume for anyone over 3 years old to use (even adults). Your child will have a unique party if they wear this costume. For an affordable price, you get a 5-piece costume.

You can buy this item here: Prextex Clown Costume Set for Kids, Boys and Girls – Perfect Halloween Clown Costume for Children with Clown Accessories : Toys & Games