Have fun with the Prextex RXZER23 12 Dinosaur Toy Pack

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Looking for amazing animated figures to keep your child happy?

Children really love gifts and are surely looking for a special gift for their child. Many parents prefer to give away smart devices to their young children and do not know how negative they can be. Toys will always be the best way for your child to have healthy fun. Animated dinosaur figures are fun toys that also allow children to learn about these incredible extinct living things. Always be sure to buy good quality animated figures to ensure maximum fun for your child. Prextex has been in charge of making incredible toys for children and this pack of 12 dinosaurs seems to be a fun toy for boys and girls over 3 years old. This animated figure pack is great for your child’s birthday, but it’s also perfect if you want to gift this to any other boy or girl. Have fun with your child using this amazing pack and best of all is its incredible price. If you are looking for a new toy for your child you would surely like to know more about this product.

Features of Prextex RXZER23 animated figures

This pack of 12 animated figures is an amazing gift for your child. Prextes is committed to making fun toys to ensure your child’s best experience and this toy pack is no exception. It includes 12 figures of different species of dinosaurs. The figures have a realistic look so that your child also learns to differentiate each dinosaur. Each dinosaur figure measures 7 inches. Please note that this toy is designed for children over 3 years old. Best of all about this pack is that not only are 12 animated figures included, but it also includes an amazing book with the sound of each dinosaur in addition to the name and information of each one. The book allows the child to learn more information about each dinosaur so in addition to having fun he can also learn new things. To reproduce the sound of the dinosaur you will simply have to press the button with the image of the dinosaur from the book. Another great feature is that this pack ships in a beautiful box to make it easy to wrap.  The vast majority of reviews on Amazon show how fun this pack can be for children. You can hardly find a toy with these characteristics that is also available for this price. Keep in mind that Prextex is a recognized brand to offer high-quality toys, rest assured that each toy will arrive in excellent condition.


If you are looking for a special gift for your child over 3 years old then this pack of 12 dinosaur figures is surely what you need. In addition to including fun animated figures with realistic appearance, it also includes a book that reproduces the sound and name of each dinosaur. The book includes written information about each dinosaur.

You can buy this item here: Amazon.com: Pack of 12 Toy Dinosaurs Figures with Interactive Dinosaur Sound Book – Realistic Looking Dino Toys for Boys and Girls 3 Years Old & Up : Toys & Games