Make delicious smoothies with the Ninja AMZ493BRN blender

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Looking for a powerful blender to start preparing natural smoothies?

With so many fast-food restaurants, it is possible that many times we do not end up eating in the healthiest way and as you know, that can become a health problem. Processed foods do not usually provide healthy nutrients, which can cause diseases if you usually eat them on a recurring basis. I would say that natural shakes are a good way to start consuming healthy foods, so you can provide nutrients to your body and that can make you feel more energized. Fruits and vegetables provide a lot of vitamins, so your body will become stronger and of course, the chances of getting sick decrease when you prepare a delicious natural smoothie.

To prepare a natural smoothie you only need a blender, so you can crush not only the fruiting but also the ice, so you can also enjoy a cold smoothie. Before buying a blender it is important that it offers a decent potency, many blenders often have trouble crushing some fruits, which can cause your smoothie not to get the best consistency, so make sure you choose a powerful blender. If you do not want to waste time looking for a brand of blender, then you should look no further, Ninja blenders are one of the best brands, they offer an incredibly powerful and amazing crushing system.

The Ninja AMZ493BRN is a great blender that will be responsible for crushing all kinds of fruits and vegetables, so you can enjoy a delicious smoothie in a few seconds. It is powerful so that you can crush the ice without problem, so you enjoy a delicious and cold shake. Below, discover the most interesting features of this product.

Features of the Ninja AMZ493BRN blender

Powerful crushing

Do you like to add ice to smoothies? That’s not a problem for this blender. The Ninja AMZ493BRN has a powerful 1200W crush, ensuring you can easily crush fruits, vegetables, oats, ice, and other foods quickly and easily. Without clogging, this blender makes sure everything looks easy. Super sharp blades allow you to crush anything in just a couple of seconds, allowing you to enjoy a delicious natural smoothie without having to wait forever. Not only can you crush food, but it also includes additional accessories so you can knead pizza dough, which prevents you from having to do it with your hands (which is very tiring), so, your pizzas will be perfect if you use this function.

Smart Features

Ninja includes intelligent functions in this blender so your smoothies can be crushed in a much more perfect way. Auto-IQ technology allows the blender to create patterns for better smoothie performance, which will help your smoothies have a perfect consistency. This technology will also help the kneading have a uniform mixture, best of all, you should not press, the blender will do all the work for you. 

Large capacity jug

If you like to enjoy delicious smoothies with your family, then the 72oz jug will be perfect. The 72oz pitcher will allow you to add up to 64oz of liquids so your whole family can enjoy a healthy natural smoothie. It also includes a 40oz pressure jug so you can knead and mix the pizza dough quickly and easily. Ninja also includes an 18oz cup so you can enjoy your smoothies. Finally, a book with 15 recipes is included so you can prepare healthy smoothies in your new blender.

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