Connect up to 2 monitors in your laptop with the UtechSmart USB C to HDMI 4-in-1 hub

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Looking for a USB C to HDMI hub compatible with 4K monitors?

As you know, the number of ports that laptops have is usually limited, so it can be a problem if you need to connect multiple devices. Fortunately, there are always quick and simple solutions to these types of problems. USB hubs are the best option if you need to have some extra ports, all you need is to connect this to one of their USB Type-C ports so you can start connecting your devices without any problems. The best thing about using a USB hub is that you don’t need to install any drivers in most cases, you just need to plug it into your laptop’s USB Type-C port.

Something you should keep in mind is that not all USB hubs work in the same way, some are designed to offer USB 3.0 ports, so, you could get one of that type if you are only looking to connect some hard drives in your laptop, but if you are looking to get additional HDMI ports, then you need a USB C to HDMI hub,  they usually offer two HDMI ports, in addition to other types of ports. The reason why many choose these types of hubs is that you can plug this into not only a laptop but almost any device that has a native USB Type-C port.

The UtechSmart 4-in-1 USB C to HDMI hub is a great choice for those who need to connect to two monitors to a MacBook, Nintendo Switch, or any device that has a USB Type-C port. Get blazing-fast transfer speeds using the USB port. Easy to use and ideal for those who need to make a business presentation. Next, discover the most interesting features of this product.

Features of the UtechSmart 4-in-1 USB C to HDMI hub

  • Up to 4K HDR resolution simultaneously

One of the most amazing features of this USB C hub is that it includes two HDMI ports, allowing you to connect up to 2 monitors to your laptop, Nintendo switch, cell phone, or any device with a native USB C port. Best of all, you can use the two HDMI ports at the same time and get a resolution of up to 4K HDR (3840*2160). Keep in mind that your monitors must support 4K if you want to take advantage of these resolutions, they will also work on s 1080p monitors.  

While this USB C hub is primarily designed so you can connect up to 2 additional monitors, a USB Type-C port and USB 3.0 port are also included, so you’ll also be able to connect hard drives, keyboards, mouse, headphones, or anything that works with USB. The number is a bit limited compared to other concentrators, but the quality with which this thing is manufactured is much higher compared to cheap concentrators.

  • Ultra-fast transfer speeds

If you want to use the USB 3.0 port you can get transfer speeds of up to 5Gbps, so you can connect an external hard drive and get large files transferred quite quickly. Keep in mind that the transfer speed may be lower at times, but fast and stable enough for you to be satisfied.

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