Entertain kids with the TEMI bow and arrow pack

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Looking for a bow that kids can use safely?

As you know, children love gifts and, in most cases, they will feel grateful no matter how expensive or cheap the toy is. There are many types of toys, from stuffed animals to remote control cars, all that sounds fun to most kids, but if you want your child to get out of the box, then it’s important to buy a toy that allows them to have fun without needing to be indoors. So, do you like a bow with arrows? It sounds like a dangerous idea, but I mean an arch designed for children.

Children’s bows are designed to be safe to use, so you don’t have to worry about accidents, arrows are not dangerous and of course, the bow is not powerful enough to shoot an arrow at a dangerous speed. They are fun for most children over 3 years old, so you can amuse your child with a bow with arrows, but if your child has a sibling or friend, you would surely like to get a pack, so your child can play with a partner (you could even be that partner).

The TEMI bow and arrow pack is a great option to consider if you are looking for a fun and safe toy for your child. It includes 2 bows and many arrows to ensure children’s fun. Have your child become an expert with this bow for children ages 3 and up. Below, discover the most interesting features of this product.

Features of the TEMI bow and arrow pack

Colorful design

The main feature of the pack is that it includes 2 colorful bows for children to have fun when they use it. Although this bow is designed for children, the quality with which they are made makes them durable, so you do not have to worry about damage to the arch, it is durable enough to withstand accidental falls. The bows come in two different colors (blue and green), so your child will be able to choose their favorite color. Make your child have healthy fun with this amazing arch.

20 suction cup arrows

If you want children to have fun using this bow, then it is necessary to have many arrows, so they will shoot several arrows before picking them up again. That’s not a problem for this bow pack, a total of 20 suction cup arrows are included for kids to have fun, each bow includes 10 arrows, so kids can evenly divide the number of arrows. There are also 2 quivers so that children can save all the arrows in an orderly way, to avoid the arrows ending up getting lost. The arrows are designed to stick to the standing target.

Standing target and LED lights

So that children can use the bow during the night or in dimly lit places, you can add 1 AA battery to each bow (not included) and children will get 2 colorful bows. A standing target is also included, which is useful for children to improve their aim, so they can compete with their friends. The standing target is completely removable, so you can use it inside and outside the home without any problem. Without a doubt a great gift for children to spend more time away from home.

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