Why is the ToneWoodAmp the best invention for your acoustic guitar? 

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Tired of playing acoustic guitar in a traditional way? Discover the invention that seeks to completely renew the way we play the acoustic guitar

Playing acoustic guitar is always so enjoyable, no matter how much time passes. Music in general is the best way to express ourselves and makes people feel better. It is likely that at some point playing the guitar may seem boring and that is normal. Even though playing the guitar is fun, doing it the same way can become repetitive for some people. You can use an amplifier, but let’s face it, the amps are too loud and our family isn’t always happy to hear one on. It is at this moment that the magic of the ToneWoodAmp comes in, probably one of the most incredible inventions you can buy.

The ToneWoodAmp is a type of “amplifier” that does not need an electrical connection, to be more precise, it is a multi-effects processor that works in a unique way. You don’t need connection cables, you simply need an electroacoustic guitar to easily install the equipment. Consequently, you get a sound similar to an amplifier with effects, but with the difference that you are not amplifying the sound, but it comes completely from the sound hole of your guitar.  All this may seem crazy difficult to understand, but to understand how this equipment works it is necessary to know the characteristics more thoroughly.

Features of ToneWoodAmp

ToneWoodAmp patented technology seeks to be the alternative to noisy sound amplifiers, though not a replacement because amplifiers are indispensable for playing in front of an audience. The ToneWoodAmp is an effects processor that works thanks to magnets that are installed inside the guitar, next to the processor that we must place in the back of the guitar body. This equipment is capable of processing 8 different sound effects, but without the need to use pedals, simply change from the processor the different effects (Chorus, Reverb, Delay, and even Auto-Wah). Installation is easy and does not require a specialized technician. The way the ToneWoodAmp works is simpler than it seems. On the back of the guitar the equipment is installed, after turning it on it sends sound waves that are sent to the inside of the guitar, so it combines the natural sound of the guitar with the effects produced by the effects processor. Do not require an electrical connection, you simply need 3 AA batteries, but it is recommended that they are rechargeable so that you do not have to spend a lot of money on new batteries. As I mentioned earlier, the ToneWoodAmp does not amplify the sound, so it is intended to be used personally and not to be used in a noisy environment, but if you need to use it in a concert you can easily connect it to an amplifier and preserve the incredible effects. For your confidence, you should know that this product is made entirely in Phoenix, Arizona, United States.

Which guitarists use the ToneWoodAmp?

The ToneWoodAmp is used by a large number of solo artists, with Mike Dawes being the best known, but Alexandr Misko is possibly one of the artists who best represent the brand. It is ideal for playing guitar solos or fingerstyle. Without a doubt, it is one of the most revolutionary inventions of recent years.

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