Why is the Syma S107G one of Amazon’s best-selling remote-controlled helicopters? Honest opinion

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Having fun today can end up being expensive. Finding a cheap product capable of offering healthy fun is really difficult, but if you search well, you will surely find some interesting products. Remote-controlled helicopters are interesting toys that not only offer fun to children but also to adults, so they are a good gift to take into account. They are not expensive in most cases, but you would surely like to try one of good quality but at an economical price. The Syma S107G is probably the cheapest remote-controlled helicopter you can find, considering the quality is slightly higher than similarly priced ones.

After watching some videos on YouTube, I decided to try it and realize if it is as good as they say. I tried it for a few days without having experience and I think that after trying it I can get some positive and negative things. Overall it is a great toy at a very affordable price, but you would surely like to know more about this product. That’s why I’ll write about the best features of the product, and also about some things I didn’t like.

The Syma S107G seems to be built with a mixture of plastic and metal, which is appreciated, as it decreases the chances of being damaged in case of an accident. The feeling seems to be of good quality despite costing just over $20. If you have tried another remote helicopter of this price, you have surely noticed that they are made of plastic in their entirety, this one instead, it seems that it will last a little longer, but it is still a cheap product, so do not expect the best quality.

You won’t have to worry about batteries, all you need batteries is the remote control (6 AA batteries). The battery life will depend on how high you want to fly it, the higher, the more energy it will consume. I would say that it can last between 6 and 7 minutes on a single charge, it is not much, but if you check the other products, you will realize that the duration is almost the same. 7 minutes are enough to eliminate boredom. I used it a couple of times and I didn’t even finish using charge, so I think the time of use shouldn’t be a problem. The Syma S107G includes a charging cable that indicates a red light when the helicopter is fully charged, when charging, the red light will turn off. I don’t know the exact time it takes to load, but I think between 30 and 40 minutes. Remember that you must charge it in a USB port of your laptop or PC, it is not advisable to charge it from an outlet, you know, the battery of this thing is quite small.

Controlling the helicopter is very easy. It doesn’t matter if you have experience or not, you will surely control it with great ease. It was exactly what I heard on YouTube and I can confirm it. I only took a few tries to start controlling the helicopter in a decent way. I recommend not flying it too high if it’s your first time, try to understand the controls and then increase the height slowly. The propellers are very durable, although I said it’s easy to use, I had some accidents and the propellers didn’t even seem to have scratches, I was really surprised how well they hold up.

The remote control seems to work fine, but you should know that this helicopter is made to be used inside the house, even so, I tried it outside and it seemed to work (the most I dared to fly it was about 7 meters high). I do not recommend using it outside, any wind could destabilize the helicopter and it might not withstand a fall of too high a height. I also used it during the night at a high altitude and the LED lights did their job well. The lights are not very bright, but during the night you can differentiate them very easily.

Landing the helicopter is also easy, you can even land it in your own hand. It is quite stable once you learn to control it, so you will surely have fun. I had forgotten to mention that you can also charge the helicopter using the remote control (in the back there is a small hidden charging cable).


The Syma S107G is probably one of the funniest toys you can find. For about $20 it’s very difficult to find anything that can entertain a child or adult, so buy it safely. Keep in mind that although the quality and features are good, it is still a cheap product. Certainly, you get what you pay for.

You can buy this item here: Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter with Gyro- Red + Free Shipping (amazon.com)