Explore Aerial Photography: TizzyToy BL01 Drone with 4K Camera & 40-Min Flight Time

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Drones have become one of the most popular devices for those looking to do outdoor activities. They allow you to get incredible recordings, as they usually incorporate a camera. However, like all tech products, the quality usually varies depending on the budget. In the case of drones, it is not advisable to invest hundreds of dollars when you do not yet have enough experience in handling and controlling them.

So, if you’re a beginner who’s looking for your first drone, then the TizzyToy BL01 is a great option to start exploring the world of aerial photography and videography without compromising your budget too much. In addition, this model is known for its durability and ease of use, ideal for those who are still learning to ride.

Now it’s time to discover some of the most interesting features of the TizzyToy BL01 drone.

4K Camera

The TizzyToy BL01 is a beginner-friendly drone that has everything you need to entertain kids and adults who are interested in capturing amazing aerial videos and photographs. One of its main features is its 4K camera which is complemented by a 120° adjustable lens and a 100° wide-angle lens, which translates into a video with more details. It’s important to note that while this drone features a 4K camera, you shouldn’t necessarily expect professional quality, but it will be good enough to be superior to most drones found in this price range.

Brushless motor and stabilization system

This drone uses a brushless motor that offers a more efficient and quiet flight, perfect for taking aerial recordings and photographs without the discomfort of vibrations. This type of motor not only provides a higher rotational speed but also minimizes maintenance and prolongs the durability of the drone. In addition, the height stabilization system along with optical flow positioning allows the TizzyToy BL01 to maintain impressive stability at the desired height.

Up to 40 minutes of flight time

Equipped with two 1600 mAh batteries, the TizzyToy BL01 offers up to 40 minutes of continuous flight, standing out in its category for allowing extensive shooting sessions without frequent recharging. It includes a carrying case that protects the drone while on the move, and its reinforced housing along with improved paint increases durability. In addition, it has spare fan blades and a propeller guard, always ensuring its functionality and safety.

Advanced features

The TizzyToy BL01 is distinguished by its versatility and advanced technology, offering key functions such as headless mode, one-key take-off, and landing, and an innovative 360° swivel, which is easily activated with the right stick. This drone also features altitude maintenance and gesture control, making it easier to operate and improving the flying experience for both beginners and advanced users. In addition, it includes essential safety features such as low battery warning and emergency stop.

Now let’s compile the advantages and disadvantages of the TizzyToy BL01


  • 4K camera with adjustable lenses
  • Extended battery life
  • Stability and wind Resistance


  • Non-professional video quality
  • Not designed for indoor use

In conclusion

The TizzyToy BL01 presents itself as a formidable option for those who are new to the world of drones and want a rewarding flight experience without making an exorbitant investment. Not only does this drone make it easy to enter the fascinating world of aerial photography and videography thanks to its 4K camera and advanced features, but it also ensures simple and effective operation with its design designed for beginners.

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