Hokema B17 C: Why It’s Considered the Best Kalimba in the World

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As the owner of a Kalimba LingTing, I can assure you that it is one of the most beautiful instruments in the world. The kalimba originated in Africa many centuries ago, but its design has been improved to offer greater comfort and durability. The kalimba is also one of the easiest musical instruments to play, so music theory isn’t necessary for beginners.

Previously, I did an article about the LingTing kalimba, considering it within the top five kalimbas. However, I pointed out that the Hokema Kalimba was slightly superior in build quality and sound. It should be noted that there is a price difference of up to 60%, so this difference in quality between the two kalimbas is obvious.

The country where both kalimbas are made is also different, the Kalimba LingTing is made in China, while the Kalimba Hokema is hand-produced in Germany, which means superior quality controls. Although the LingTing Kalimba is solidly built, so I have no complaints in this regard.

Now let’s mention the main features of the Kalimba Hokema B17 C

Handmade from solid wood

As I mentioned earlier, the Hokema B17 C is an artisanal creation of German origin. It is distinguished by its use of solid American black cherry wood, an exotic choice by Hokema that not only ensures exceptional durability but also provides a distinctively soothing sound that is noticeably sweeter than conventional kalimbas.

17 tines tuned in C major

If you’ve never owned a kalimba, it’s important to know that the C major tuning is the standard. The Hokema B17 uses this same tuning with the difference that each of the 17 tines is made of high-quality carbon steel, resulting in better resonance and durability. In addition, this type of steel helps to keep the tuning more stable, allowing the sound to remain clear and melodic even after prolonged use. Remember that it’s always possible to customize the tuning, but the C major tuning is the standard on a Kalimba.

Perfect for beginners and professionals

While Hokema is known for being a prestigious brand that has a history since 1985, the Hokema Kalimba offers multiple advantages for those looking for a sweet sound. If you are a beginner, then you will get multiple advantages, especially if you are interested in turning kalimba into a hobby. The build quality will ensure exceptional durability that could surpass many decades with proper care. The Hokema B17 C can also be made into a great gift for a special loved one.

Now let’s compile the main advantages and disadvantages of the Hokema B17 C.


  • High-quality handcrafted construction.
  • Use of solid American black cherry wood and carbon steel.
  • Durability and stable tuning maintenance.
  • Versatile for all skill levels.


  • High cost compared to other models.

In conclusion

The Kalimba Hokema B17 C represents an excellent investment for those looking for quality, durability, and superior sound in their musical instrument. Although the initial cost is considerably higher than other models such as the Kalimba LingTing, the Hokema B17 C justifies this price with its handcrafted construction in Germany, the use of solid American black cherry wood and carbon steel. Not only do these materials ensure a robust and durable instrument, but they also offer a distinctively sweet and clear tone that improves with use.

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