The best gift for a musician? Check out the Kikkerland Make Your Own Music Box Kit

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Have you ever tried a music box? This is your chance to create beautiful melodies

You’ve probably heard a music box before, at least on YouTube, but they’re amazing, it’s beautiful to hear the melodies that can create a little music box. You should know that music boxes are tuned perfectly to get the right pitch on every note, so, as you know, you can’t create a music box unless you’re an engineer and know music (which is still difficult). A curious fact is that the first musical boxes were invented in the eighteenth century, but they were different compared to the current musical boxes. Older music boxes worked with a metal disc that moved like a vinyl record, but while their sound is incredibly beautiful, they are difficult to carry, plus those types of music boxes are no longer made. 

We’re already talking about a lot of history, so to summarize, music boxes should be small if you plan to give them as a gift. Something you should know is that most music boxes come with a song, which can be great, but chances are you’re looking for a specific song that you can’t find. How about a music box playing Coldplay, The Beatles, Ed Sheeran, or any of your favorite artists or band? I know, it’s great and that’s exactly what you can do with a DYI music box.

The Kikkerland Make Your Own Music Box Kit is probably one of the best that could receive not only a musician but anyone who loves beautiful sounds. It’s fun and allows you to create almost any song. Without a doubt one of the best gifts you can buy for less than $ 25. Below, discover the most interesting features of this product.

Features of the Kikkerland Make Your Own music box

You can create your own melody

The main feature of this DYI music box is that it is designed so you can create almost any melody, so it is possible to transcribe your favorite song on strips of paper. You probably ask yourself “How do I create melodies?” is easy, within this kit a hole punch is included, and you just must drill the note of the song. You can read the instructions for better guidance, but it’s easy, you just need to have a little patience.

You don’t need to be a musician to create melodies

Although this type of music box is designed so that musicians can create their own melodies, the truth is that you do not necessarily need to be a musician to transcribe your favorite songs. You can use the website “musicboxmaniacs”, which allows you to use the melodies of hundreds of songs published by other users, best of all, it is totally free. You will get a PDF so you can know where you should drill the hole, it is easy once you learn how to do it.

3 strips of paper so you can create melodies right away

The Kikkerland Make Your Own music box includes 3 strips of paper (48 cm each) so you can start creating your own melodies, plus includes a strip of paper with the song “happy birthday”. You can also buy additional strips of paper, so you can create a lot of melodies. You can guide yourself using the strip with “happy birthday”, so you can know how to drill the holes. Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful gifts you can give a person.

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You can buy additional paper strips here