Keep your garden spotless during the winter with the PowerSmart Cordless Snow blower

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Looking for a rechargeable snow blower so you can get rid of the annoying snow?

Winter is an amazing season where you can do a lot of fun activities. Although winter is one of the preferred seasons for people, low temperatures and intense snow can cause some discomfort.  To withstand the cold it is important to be well sheltered so that you can leave the house in a comfortable way, while snow can become a serious problem if it accumulates in our garden. Snow often accumulates in the parking lot, which can cause you to be unable to get your car out, which is another stressful problem. The good news is that you can leave your garden spotless with a snow blower without needing to hurt your back using a shovel.

You should keep in mind that snow blowers are designed to be used on flat terrain, so it is not recommended to use them on terrain with stones, as they could cause damage and accidents. Another aspect is that there are now snow blowers that work with a rechargeable battery, so it is no longer necessary to depend on gasoline, in addition to a traditional snow blower usually pollutes the environment. Cordless snow blowers are easy to use and can have similar performance to gasoline-powered Snow blowers.

The PowerSmart cordless snow blower is a great option for getting rid of snow during heavy snowfall. It’s easy to use and offers a good performance so you can get the job done quickly. Below, discover the most interesting features of this product.

Features of the PowerSmart Cordless Snow blower

Powerful 80V battery

The PowerSmart snow blower is designed to deliver great performance no matter the weather conditions. It has an 80V 6Ah lithium battery, which guarantees a usage time of up to 40 minutes, this should be enough to clean the entire garden without problems. The maximum thrust distance on a single charge is 50 feet. A charger is included so you can recharge the battery.  No gas, and no maintenance, you just need to use the rechargeable battery.

Easy to use

This snow blower with wide tires is designed so that you can do the job in an easy way. Forget about straining your body, this snow blower can propel itself, plus you can adjust the speed. You can move it in a 180° direction by pressing the rotation button, this will allow you to rotate it effortlessly. You can also move the snow blower back and forth. It includes an LED light so you can use the snow blower at night.

2-year warranty

Worry-free purchase, a 2-year warranty is included to replace any factory problems. Free technical support 24 hours so you can solve any questions about the snow blower operation. Remember not to use the snow blower on rocky terrain, as it could cause damage and accidents. Without a doubt a great option to keep your garden impeccable during the intense winter.

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