Sheeran By Lowden: Try the Same Guitar Ed Sheeran Uses

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Have you ever wanted to play a high-end guitar from one of your favorite artists?

Acoustic guitars are one of the best musical instruments to accompany your voice while you sing, so although many think that the voice is the most important, the truth is that the quality of the sound of the guitar is also. Brands that make high-end acoustic guitars carefully select the wood used, and they also have strict quality controls to ensure impeccable work for any guitarist looking for a premium musical instrument.

Lowden is one of the most prestigious brands when it comes to acoustic guitars. Most of their guitars are handmade in Ireland, with the best quality controls you can imagine. Lowden is a brand with more than 50 years in the guitar business, so you can get the best sound with them. Some of their most expensive guitars can exceed $6000. This time I will talk about a guitar designed for one of the most popular pop singers in the world, Ed Sheeran. Together they have created and designed an incredible acoustic guitar to sing solo or on stage.

What’s new about this acoustic guitar?

Well, you should know that Ed Sheeran and Lowden worked and designed this guitar model to get a comfortable guitar, but with an incredibly good sound whether it is played on a stage or played without any amplifier. Lowden has chosen the best woods to obtain a balanced sound, which makes it a perfect guitar for everyone who usually sing at the same time as playing the guitar. Read on to know about all the innovations this guitar can offer you or any loved one you want to surprise with a premium guitar.

As I mentioned earlier, Lowden guitars are mostly made in the north of Ireland, so they do a great job on all guitars. This acoustic guitar has a solid Sitka fir top, Indian rosewood sides and back, and an ebony fingerboard. The combination of these three woods offers an elegant guitar with a balanced sound. It’s a small guitar, so most guitarists buy it to sing on stage. The LR Baggs EAS VTC pickup system gives you incredible sound when you connect this guitar to an amplifier, just as Ed Sheeran does in all his concerts.

Ed Sheeran also worked with Lowden to add inlays representing the popular singer, which gives an incredible look to the guitar. The entire guitar is designed to perfectly suit musicians who prefer to play with smaller guitars, but with balanced sound quality regardless of whether you are playing on stage or not. The selection of woods is probably the best for this guitar. Ideal to give to your loved ones or to yourself.

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