Save energy with Dreo DR-HAC002 air conditioner

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Looking for an air conditioner to sleep peacefully at night?

The intense summer heat can become a nightmare for many people. Often heat is one of the main causes of poor sleep and that can significantly affect your performance. You can use a fan to improve sleep, but we all know that a fan can’t compare to an air conditioner. Air conditioning is the best way to cool a room quickly and get a nice atmosphere. You should probably know that using an air conditioner usually means a high electricity bill. The good news is that there are currently air conditioners that reduce energy savings by up to 50% compared to a traditional air conditioner.  When looking for a modern air conditioner you should opt for an air conditioner with easy installation and that also has low energy consumption. The Dreo DR-HAC002 seems to be a good choice if you want to get a high-performance air conditioner that also saves you money. Less than $500 is one of the best options to consider. Next, I will write down the most interesting features of this product.

Features of Dreo DR-HAC002 air conditioner

The Dreo DR-HAC002 is a high-performance air conditioner to reduces heat inside the home. Its main feature is its  8,000 BTU performance which is enough to cool a room up to 350 feet quickly. Another interesting feature is the quick installation. Installing this air conditioner will only take a few minutes and you will only need to install the screws to place the air conditioner. Note that the window must withstand at least 61.7 pounds (28 kg). You can save up to 50% energy thanks to advanced performance, this can help save money at the end of the month. The pre-assembled design makes installation easy. You only need one AC connector to use this air conditioner.  Another useful feature is its low noise level, which makes it perfect for uninterrupted sleep. The noise reduction function reduces sound up to 42dB. This air conditioner allows you to set the temperature between 61-80 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are wondering how much money you can save using this air conditioner, we will rely on the information provided by the manufacturer. According to the manufacturer, a standard 8,000 BTU air conditioner can spend approximately $89 annually. The Dreo DR-HAC002 can reduce energy expenditure by up to 50% by reducing the annual cost by approximately $41 (based on 8-hour usage over a 3-month period). This air conditioner is Energy Star certified to ensure real energy savings. For less than 500 dollars it is a high-quality air conditioner that you would surely like to have in your home.


If you are looking for an air conditioner of great performance and that is also easy to install surely the Dreo DR-HAC002 is what you need. It is an air conditioner that will help reduce electricity consumption and save money. Ideal for cooling a room up to 350 feet.

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