RUIPRO Fiber Optic HDMI Cable: Playing in 8K is Now Possible

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Looking for the best HDMI cable to enjoy your favorite games in the best quality?

Just a couple of years ago the idea of playing in 8K seems unlikely, especially since there were so many hardware and software limitations. Nvidia’s new graphics cards are becoming more powerful, so they not only allow you to play in 4K but even surpass it to reach a native resolution of 8K.  Only RTX 3080 cards onwards allow you to enjoy these features and of course, you need an 8K compatible TV. Something you should keep in mind is that 8K is not yet accessible, but more and more manufacturers are trying to innovate with this type of technology and thus reduce costs in the long term.

You may not be tech-savvy, many people don’t know how resolutions work. The big difference between a 4K and 8K resolution is the sharpness of the images. Large TVs often can’t display a sharp picture even if they’re working in 4K, so 8K seems like a high-tech tech right now, but you’ll probably notice the big difference.

If you still do not have an idea of the huge difference that exists in the resolutions, then this image will surely help you clear those doubts. 1080p is one of the most widely used resolutions, but they only work well on small monitors, while 4K and 8K are designed especially for large TVs and of course, some monitors also support this resolution. The 4K offers a resolution of 3840 x 2160 while the 8K is 7680 x 4320, this means the sharpness could be about 4 times better on a TV, projector, or monitor compatible with 8K.

What type of HDMI cable does 8K support?

This is an important aspect; common HDMI cables do not support 8K resolutions and even some generations cannot work with 4K either. Only 2.1 version HDMI cables can support 8K, so it’s an important aspect to consider. Remember that 8K is demanding, so you must have a TV, monitor, or projector compatible with this resolution.

RUIPRO Fiber Optic HDMI Cable

If you are looking for one of the best HDMI cables to enjoy your favorite movies or games in the best quality, then the RUIPRO Fiber Optic HDMI Cable could be your best choice. Why is it so good? Unlike cheap HDMI cables this is made with fiber optics, which is much better than any other material (it is also used to transfer the internet with the best speed). Fiber optics avoid any annoying interference, plus it is much more durable.

Another feature of this HDMI cable is its incredible bandwidth of up to 48 Gbps, this is much more stable compared to the standard HDMI cable that only offers about 10.2 Gbps (generation 1.4). The RUIPRO fiber optic HDMI cable is so good that if your TV allowed it, it could also play content in 10K. Remember that fiber optics are one of the best cables, so you don’t have to worry about annoying audio problems or interference (this often happens on cheap HDMI cables). This HDMI cable also supports dynamic HDR, which means sharper, truer images. One of the important aspects is that this cable measures 33 feet, so, you do not need to worry about the distance, you can place your computer, television, or projector almost anywhere. Finally, the RUIPRO fiber optic HDMI cable is protected by a friendly 5-year warranty.

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