Remove dust anywhere with the STANLEY SL18116 vacuum cleaner

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Need a powerful vacuum cleaner to clean annoying dust from your home?

It does not matter where the dust is found, it is always something annoying, so removing it is something important if you do not want to give a bad look to your home. As you know, dust buildup can cause some respiratory system-related problems, so if you want to avoid getting sick, it’s important to keep dust away from your home. There are different ways to clean your home, but if you need something powerful to clean all kinds of materials, then you need a vacuum cleaner.  You can clean carpets, cars, floors, furniture, wood, and all kinds of fabrics very easily.  Before buying a vacuum cleaner make sure it offers good power, otherwise, you may not get the best performance.

Why should you choose the STANLEY vacuum cleaner?

STANLEY is a leading brand in the vacuum cleaner market, so unlike other brands, you can get guaranteed quality when you buy a STANLEY product. This brand has been around for more than a century, so they know what they’re doing. STANLEY manufactures everything from tool kits to powerful high-quality vacuum cleaners, so if you want to avoid quality problems, then look no further, STNALEY offers everything you need.

The STANLEY SL18116 vacuum cleaner is a great option to consider if you want to keep your home away from dust. It is easy to use and is made of durable materials, so quality is guaranteed. Available for $70, you probably won’t find anything as good as this. Next, discover the most interesting features of this product.

Feature of the STANLEY SL18116 vacuum cleaner

Powerful suction

The main feature of the STANLEY SL18116 vacuum cleaner is the powerful 4-horsepower motor, which ensures strong suction, so dust will be sucked very easily. Best of all, it can not only vacuum dust, but it can also function as a leaf blower, allowing you to keep your garden clean and, as if that were not enough, it can clean wet floors. Use the vacuum cleaner without worries, the motor is designed to be able to work for up to 300 continuous hours.

Large capacity so you can vacuum without discomfort

Unlike small vacuums, the STANLEY SL18116 features a 6-gallon storage tank, allowing you to vacuum your entire home without needing to clean the tank, saving you a lot of time. All filters are included so you get the best performance (filters can be cleaned and replaced).  You can clean hard-to-reach places very easily and effectively, so after vacuuming your home, you will have a much nicer and safer place. Without discomfort, this 3-in-1 vacuum cleaner can make everything look easy.

You can clean the car seats

Although this vacuum cleaner is designed for home use, that does not mean that you can not use it in places outside the house. The STANLEY SL18116 can suck dust very easily, so it can also leave car seats spotless, so if you don’t usually clean your car often, this is probably the best way to leave the interior of your car looking like new. Note that the length of the power cord is 10 feet and 5 for the hose.

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