Prepare delicious smoothies with the professional blender BioloMix A8700

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Looking for a professional blender to prepare delicious and healthy natural smoothies?

Preparing natural smoothies has a great positive impact on people’s health, unfortunately, more and more people prefer to buy artificial shakes that harm health. The main advantage of preparing fruit smoothies is that you get a high percentage of vitamins, the vast majority of fruits offer vitamins A, B, and C that strengthen the immune system, so you can better fight diseases.

To prepare natural smoothies in a short time you only need to use a blender. Blenders in addition to helping you prepare smoothies also work as ice crushers, they also serve to liquefy vegetables and much more, so it is one of the electrical appliances that can not be missing at home.  There is a wide variety of brands that are dedicated to manufacturing blenders, although you can get cheap blenders you should know that you will get a low yield and, in most cases, you will end up disappointing. The most advisable thing is that you buy a professional blender, this will provide you with optimal performance, so you will surely prepare the shakes faster, unlike a cheap blender. The BioloMix A8700 blender seems to be one of the best professional blenders available on Amazon. With a 7-year warranty, it has interesting features.

Features of the professional blender BioloMix A8700

The BioloMix A8700 is a blender that will help you prepare delicious and healthy smoothies. The main feature of the blender is the high-powered motor. The blender motor is capable of delivering a maximum power of up to 2200W. The engine is made of stainless steel to ensure a long service life, in addition, to quickly crushing fruits, vegetables, or ice. In addition to preparing natural smoothies, it is also able to crush cereals, oats, bread, peanuts, and much more. The blender offers 6 different speeds that can be adjusted from the kennel. Using the kennel you can adjust the speeds between low and fast. The plastic jug is BPA-free. BPA is a common toxic substance in plastic containers, so it’s important to stay away from that substance. The plastic jug is large enough to store up to 70 Oz (2L). The jug has an ideal capacity to prepare smoothies for the whole family. The blades are sharp to crush the breaths quickly. Another useful feature is the automatic cleaning mode. The automatic cleaning mode allows the blender to be cleaned in just 60 seconds without the need to remove the blades. You just need to use some soap and warm water to clean the blender. Finally, the manufacturer offers a warranty of up to 7 years for the engine and 1 year for other parts.


If you are looking for a new blender for the home then the BioloMix A8700 is what you need. This professional blender will help you prepare delicious natural smoothies in no time. Backed with a warranty of up to 7 years for the engine is a great purchase for your home.

You can buy this item here: BioloMix Heavy Duty Professional Blender, Peak 2200W Commercial Grade Bar Blender With 70Oz Container For Shakes, Smoothies, Ice Crushing, Frozen Fruits, Soups, Dry Grinding (Red): Home & Kitchen