Premium glasses for outdoor sports? Check out Oakley Men’s OO9290 Jawbreaker

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Do you need glasses that provide you with a clear view for outdoor sports?

The Jawbreaker brand is the ultimate in sports design for those demanding athletes looking for the best in their outdoor sports. Oakley glasses have emerged in response to the demands of athletes around the world, who were waiting for a lightweight, comfortable product with maximum protection. In this way, with the guarantee that only a brand with more than 40 years of experience in the design of products for specific sports can provide the best quality, these glasses are built especially for outdoor sports. Skiers, cyclists, motorcyclists of all kinds, and any other athlete looking for adventure or risk in nature, you will find in these glasses the perfect complement to protect your eyes from inclement weather, especially the strong sun and wind. Everything at Oakley is synonymous with innovation, starting with the incorporation of regulation openings for airflow, for maximum cooling.

Features of Oakley Men’s OO9290 Jawbreaker glasses

Oakley has incorporated prizm™ technology into its new Jawbreaker glasses, specially designed to fine-tune the athlete’s vision in certain environments. Thanks to this advance, the field of view around the upper peripheral region expands and becomes much wider, making them ideal for use in sports such as cycling or motorcycles, both of which require a clear vision at those certain upper angles. On the other hand, these glasses have Unobtanium® nasal rods and platelets, which always ensure maximum fixation and situations, always keeping the glasses in place and considerably increasing the grip despite the sweat. Through the Switchlock™ system, designed for interchangeable lenses, you can change glasses comfortably and quickly without ever having to abandon movement and without this generating risks or distractions. Finally, patented High-Definition Optics (HDO®) technology gives® lenses top-notch optical clarity and clear vision at any angle, even in situations of high winds, dust, or heavy snow. Maximum vision and extreme protection are combined in the best way in this ideal product to go out to nature to practice sports safely. Now you have a product with all the features to make your outdoor sports experience safe and you no longer have to worry about annoying sunlight when or when you encounter strong winds that fill your eyes with dust. These glasses fit properly on your face, giving you the protection, you always need.

Advantages and disadvantages

Main advantages

Through the SWITCHLOCK™, the glasses work with a simple technology of a switch to release the mounted lens, so that the new one can be adjusted immediately and be blocked, without the risk of it coming out. This functionality allows athletes to adapt their vision to weather conditions and adjust the lenses to successive changes in light. Thanks to PRIZM™ technology, unprecedented control in light transmission can be obtained. In this way, it has been possible to obtain precisely adjusted colors to maximize the contrast with the environment and improve the visibility of the user as never before. And with the HIGH-DEFINITION OPTICS®, these glasses have successfully passed all the laboratory tests of the American National Standards Institute in terms of optical clarity, visual fidelity, and ultra-resistance to certain impacts.

Main disadvantages

Although they are recommended within a wide scale of outdoor sports, many users say that they are much better for cycling than for motorcycles, considering that the speed reached by motorcycle does not correspond, in some aspects, with the performance of the lens. They can be excessively large for the user who is not used to using an accessory like this. While they are light and comfortable, it is noteworthy for their excessive size for those users who are looking for something smaller.

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