Cressi Leonardo Makes a Good Diving Watch

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Looking for a premium watch to dive?

Within the range of diving watches of the Cressi brand, we find everything. The price range is very wide, as well as the benefits of each one. But there is something that unifies them with all the products manufactured by this brand and related to the diving activity. The ideal combination of aesthetics and design with the best and most robust technology at the service of user comfort. With a special UFDS screen, faithful inheritance of screens with Cressi software that guarantees easy navigability, it has a very low consumption processor and a CR2430 battery that, once it runs out, the user can change without the need for tools of any kind.  A watch of the highest quality and with software compatible with all Windows and Mac versions for different mobile devices to which we want to connect it.  Available in over 10 different colors it is one of the best diving watches you can find today.

Features of the Cressi Leonardo diver’s watch

For the entire range of products for diving created by the Cressi brand, this Leonardo watch has special value because it was the first computer that they designed, developed, and manufactured 100% in Italy through the firm Cressi Elettronica. It has complete Nitrox management, Depth Meter mode prepared especially for saltwater, a Reset option, and an algorithm that incorporates the RGBM function and deep stop. All menus and navigation systems are similar to those that come on other computers incorporated into Cressi watches, including the Giotto. Is designed so that the reading of the data and values, as well as the navigation through the menus, is simple and very intuitive. And always to access a lot of information, since it will give you values of all kinds of measurements that you want to make underwater. The ease of reading the screen underwater has been the main parameter that has determined the entire design and assembly of the product: how the available information is distributed, the degree of contrast of the screen, the size of the numbers, the proportions, etc. On the other hand, all the data is viewed on the screen through a segmentation with slight separation lines for easier reading, even in emergency situations or any type of stress underwater. The batteries guarantee a long duration, especially because they allow them to be used in saving mode whenever we do not need to use the computer. In that case, the ignition is automatic. This is very convenient to prolong the life of the battery and save us sums of money.  In short, this product from Cressi diving technology catalog is a good example of the quality of the brand and its concern to bring the user products that help them with their discipline. A few years ago, this type of technology was reserved only for those professionals in the discipline of diving. Those who had to spend many hours underwater not only for sport but for other marine or naval engineering jobs that forced them to perform this activity. Luckily, brands such as Cressi have managed to bring the user who buys this type of product online, so that they also perfect their techniques in the practice of diving. And have access to the best technology to measure your activity.


It can be easily connected to the PC via a cable with USB input, as the watch software is compatible with any mobile device using both Windows and Mac. The watch’s depth meter is specially calibrated for use in saltwater. This is much more accurate than in its usual uses in freshwater or normal waters. In addition to being able to configure the saving mode to prolong the battery life, we can also change the battery ourselves when it runs out. Because everything is designed to do it quickly and easily, without needing any type of special tool or taking it to a watchmaker.  A very large and widescreen where we will have all the information in an instant time and without the need to manipulate too many buttons so as not to distract us from the diving activity that is the main thing.


Although it has an important brightness to see underwater without problems, this watch does not have any internal light, as it did with the Cressi Giotto. And this lack could make it difficult to view in situations of very deep darkness.


Although it is not a watch for all people this diver’s watch can be bought by anyone. If you like to dive this watch is perfect for you. It is made in Italy and the building materials are premium.

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