Portable diving tank? look at the mini SMACO diving equipment

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Looking for a portable dive tank to have fun diving in the sea?

During the summer it is inevitable to visit the beach and cool off with warm water. The vast majority of people enjoy a nice day at the beach, but certainly, diving is a wonderful experience, it allows you to explore the aquatic beauties and you will even be able to see some amazing aquatic animals, so it is certainly an experience that all people should do at least once in a lifetime. Unfortunately, not everyone has the ability to endure a decent time underwater don’t feel guilty if you are that person, maintaining lung resistance underwater requires practice and time, so not everyone has the time to be underwater all day. A professional dive team can cost thousands of dollars, plus you need professional training to use it properly, not counting the complications you might experience if you use it incorrectly. You still have the possibility to pay to use it together with an authorized professional, but without a doubt having a diving tank of your own sounds much better.

SMACO is a manufacturer specializing in portable diving tanks, snorkeling, air compressors, and much more. Among one of its most innovative products, the diving tank stands out. It is a portable diving tank that will allow you to enjoy several minutes underwater, so it is an option to consider if you are looking for a lightweight and cheaper dive tank than a traditional diving tank. This dive tank is ideal for novices and professionals. Next, I will write down the most interesting features of this mini diving equipment.

Important recommendations to keep in mind before using this dive tank

Although SMACO designs diving tanks for beginners and experts you should keep in mind that for safety you should have basic knowledge of diving. If you are inexperienced, you can still use this dive tank, but only use it near the surface of the water. It’s also important to know how physics works when you’re underwater. For a simple explanation, you should know that the deeper you are, the greater the pressure, therefore, your lungs function differently than they normally do (this only happens in deep diving). Diving below the set limits can be potentially dangerous for your lungs, that is why you should never exceed the limits that SMACO sets in your dive tanks, if you are between the limits, you will be in the safe zone. After this educational information, I will talk about the incredible features of SMACO diving equipment

Features of the SMACO mini diving equipment

Dive equipment manufacturer SMACO has designed a diving kit available for just $400. It is a high-quality tank manufactured with aviation aluminum that prevents corrosion caused by sea rust.  The main feature of the portable diving tank is that you can use it for between 15 and 20 minutes, this time should be enough to explore a lot of fish and seascapes. The duration of the dive tank will depend on the number of times you breathe, so if you improve breathing control you can use the dive tank for longer. A cylinder is included that shows the remaining gas, this is useful, and it will also give you greater security. You should keep in mind that it is safe to use this tank above 33 feet (10 meters) deep. If you are an experienced diver, you can also use the diving tank as a backup gas (above 100 feet). The design of the tank allows it to be inflated with a large amount of equipment, so you do not necessarily have to use SMACO equipment to fill the tank. You can refill this tank in 3 different ways, you can use a large cylinder to pass through the gas (it will take only 8 seconds), you can use a gas compressor, which will usually fill up in 15 minutes (be sure to use a compressor with water and oil separator), you can also use the included SMACO pump, but you should keep in mind that filling the tank completely will take 35 minutes, so it is not advisable or logical to use this method, although you can try to fill the tank with the help of friends. Inside the box, you will find everything you need to use your dive tank immediately. SMACO offers 3 months warranty to replace the product or a refund of money, it also offers customer service 24 hours a day.

Advantages and disadvantages


It is a lightweight and safe tank, plus it offers up to 20 minutes of gas, which is enough to explore the seascape. It is available for an affordable price compared to a full-size dive tank. Additional accessories are included.


The included manual pump is impractical, it will take up to 35 minutes to completely fill the diving tank, so it is advisable to use a gas compressor (note that it is normal for diving tanks to take so long to fill up).


SMACO has proven that its portable dive tanks are made with high-quality materials. The dive tank is light and easy to carry, so you will definitely love it. 20 minutes of use is reasonable, and you will surely not finish using all the gas, but even if that happens you will feel satisfied. Overall, it is a high-quality tank that goes through strict testing before being shipped. Probably the only disadvantage is how difficult it can be to fill the tank using the included manual pump, but you will be able to fix it using an electric gas compressor. Make sure you do not exceed the depth limit recommended by SMACO. Definitely, an amazing purchase to explore the beautiful sea.

You can buy this item here: Amazon.com : SMACO Mini Scuba Tank with Hand Pump Scuba Diving Equipment Support 15-20 Mins Breathing Underwater(No More Than 30m) 1L Diving Oxygen Tank for Water Rescue/Diving Sightseeing/Backup Air Source,Orange : Sports & Outdoors