PHILIPS Air Fryer: Delicious Cooking with Less Oil

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Would you like to reduce the amount of oil you consume per day? With an air fryer, you can get it

We live in a world where processed foods are increasingly consumed and as you know that can mean long-term health problems. Cooking your own food at home is always a better option if you’re looking to eat healthier. Although cooking at home is better, it is important that you know how to cook food correctly if you plan to have a healthy life. Reducing oil consumption is essential for those who want to avoid having high cholesterol levels. With an air fryer, you can still consume most of your favorite foods, but with a significantly smaller amount of oil.

How does an air fryer work? Well, understanding how it works is relatively easy. An air fryer is designed to fry food, but using hot air, this way the amount of oil needed to cook food is very low. You could use an oil-free air fryer, but some people add a small amount to make foods juicier and not so dry. For example, you could fry meats without oil since meats have their own fat, but you could add some oil if you plan to prepare potato chips.

The PHILIPS air fryer is a reliable appliance designed to get people started cooking with less oil. Not only will you be able to fry food, but you will also be able to roast, bake, and heat your food. Prepare your food with up to 100% less oil while retaining a delicious texture and flavor. Best of all, it has the capacity so you can prepare healthy food for your whole family! Next, discover the most interesting features of this product.

Features of the PHILIPS Air Fryer

If you feel that your meals often contain too much oil, then the PHILIPS air fryer is what your life needs. The main feature of this amazing fryer is that it is designed to considerably reduce the amount of oil you use for cooking. You can prepare your favorite breaths with or without oil. This air fryer has a capacity of 1.8 lbs allowing you to cook for your whole family with up to 90% less fat. The digital touchscreen displays 7 presets that will allow you to cook some of the most popular foods perfectly. The digital touch screen also allows you to adjust the temperature and even activate a timer.

What foods can you prepare in this fryer? You should know that the PHILIPS air fryer is not only capable of frying using hot air, but it can also bake, roast, and heat your food, allowing you to prepare a lot of delicious recipes. You can prepare potatoes, biscuits, meats, chicken, fish, vegetables and many more. PHILIPS offers FREE access to the recipe app, so you can learn how to cook delicious new foods using the air fryer and eating with up to 100% less added oils.

A great purchase for you and your family to start decreasing excessive oil consumption. PHILIPS has been innovating with the best air fryer technology for over 10 years, so expect the best performance in your new air fryer.

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