Citizen Promaster Dive Watch: Merging Fashion and Underwater Functionality

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Watches never go out of style and I would say they are one of the few things that look great no matter how many years pass. Fashion changes quickly, but classic watches always endure over the years. In the market, you can find a lot of brands and some of them have been making high-quality watches for up to a century. Brands such as Casio, Orion, Certina, and Citizen are just a few that manufacture watches of the best quality for competitive prices. Although the design of a watch is one important aspect you should also consider others to prioritize the functionality and of course, the life of your watch.

If you are a person who usually spends a lot of time in the water and if you are worried about saltwater damaging your watch then it is important to choose brands that offer the best protection against water corrosion. Some of the world’s best-selling watches can easily withstand more than 150 meters underwater, making it a great choice for those who practice some water sports. Water resistance is important, but if you plan to use it in your day-to-day it is also important to choose an elegant model. This is exactly what Citizen offers you.

The Citizen Promaster Dive is a series of high-quality watches of Japanese origin, so you can imagine the strict quality control that this watch has until it reaches your hands. It is an elegant but functional watch for those who usually go to the beach to practice diving. Citizen includes a 5-year warranty (up to 6 years if you register your watch). Read on to discover some amazing features of this watch.

Features of the Citizen Promaster Dive watch

If you are looking for an elegant watch capable of withstanding the depths of the sea, then the Citizen Promaster Dive is what you need. This is a watch made with high-quality stainless steel that not only gives it an elegant and classic look but also makes it extremely resistant. It is manufactured in Japan, where only the best quality materials and careful inspection by experts are used. Citizen has innovated to ensure that the watch can withstand 200 meters underwater, making it one of the best in this regard.

Although making a watch with these specifications was hard work for Citizen, the Promaster Dive series keeps the characteristic elegant design so you can use it in your day to day and not only when you plan to go to the beach.  With a dual crystal, the classic look of this watch will not go unnoticed by others. Citizen includes an elegant case, so if you plan to give this watch to a special person you will surely be surprised by this detail. You should know that the clock shows the month and day. Finally, the Citizen Promaster Dive cares about the experience of each of its customers, so they offer a 5-year warranty that you can extend to 6 years if you register your watch.

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