Nexar One: A Dash Cam Designed to Give You Reliable Recordings

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Looking for a high-quality dash cam to get recordings while driving?

Car accidents are common and that can often end in legal trouble. One of the things we hate the most is that no matter how well we drive our car, there will always be another driver who makes it horrible. That’s why you should always have a dash cam in your car, not only does it allow you to get recordings while driving, but it could also be of great use if unfortunately, someone steals your car. Before choosing a dash cam it is important that you consider some aspects if you do not want to have problems when reviewing the recordings.

It is very important that your dash cam can offer good-quality recordings if you have a traffic accident. Some cheap dash cams just don’t do the job well, so not only do you need a camera to record, but you also need a dash cam that offers good enough video quality to easily distinguish license plates from cars, that way you’ll get a reliable recording in case another driver runs away. It is also important that the dash cam has built-in GPS (you will usually have to pay a monthly subscription if you want to activate it).

The Nexar One dash cam is a great option to consider if you want to increase safety while driving, which could save you some legal problems in case of an accident. The best thing about this dash cam is that it offers 4K recording, which allows you to get better details, unlike other brands that only offer a maximum quality of 1080p. Next, discover the most interesting features of this product.

Features of the Nexar One dash camera

  • True 4K recordings

If you have ever tried a cheap dash cam you have probably noticed the terrible image quality, they usually offer, and you can easily notice them if you try to differentiate small objects such as car license plates. The Nexar One dash cam guarantees you quality recordings as it can work with 4K resolution. One of the reasons why this dash cam is more efficient than other brands is because it uses a Sony Starvis sensor that significantly improves the quality of recordings, allowing recordings with more detail (even in low light conditions).

  • Integrated night vision

As I mentioned earlier, the Nexar One dash cam is designed to give you high-quality recordings even at night. The front camera has a 140° viewing angle, allowing you to capture more detail, avoiding blind spots that will likely come in handy in the event of an accident. It also has a camera that records the interior of your car, which has a viewing angle of 160° and can work just as well as the front camera (including night vision technology). The Nexar One can generate a report in case you have an accident such as the speed, location, and even the G-force impact of the accident.

  • Up to 512GB storage

Most dash cams need an SD card to work and worst of all, they usually have a maximum capacity of only 128GB (not included in most cases). The Nexar One lets you choose the storage capacity, so you can choose between 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, or 512GB. This is important because, although 4K recordings are much better than 1080p, the files will be larger, so having more storage will allow you to record for longer without worries. Nexar also has a monthly subscription service (not mandatory) that gives you amazing extra features (like crash alerts and GPS), so you could try the monthly subscription if you want to take full advantage of the dash cam. 

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