Need a New Coffee Mug? Look at DOWAN

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Looking for a cup of coffee or cappuccino?

The DOWAN is an excellent cup ideal for coffee, cappuccino, and tea. This two-cup set is made of ceramic to offer you excellent quality. These cups of drinking coffee are perfect to avoid splashing liquid. This 15 oz cup is incredibly comfortable and safe, helping you avoid accidents and burns.  This set of coffee mugs is a perfect gift for your friends, partner, parents, grandparents, and children. This set of cups includes a cork at the bottom of the cup, thus avoiding burning your hand or finger. If you are looking for an amazing set of cups to drink coffee you should consider buying this set of cups, it is made with the best quality and is available at an incredible price.

Features of DOWAN mugs

The DOWAN is what you need. This amazing 2-cup set is perfect for coffee, cappuccino, tea, etc. This cup is able to avoid splashes of liquid, this means that you can avoid accidents caused by hot liquids. Among the most interesting features of this cup is that it includes a cork at the bottom of the cup, this allows you to take the rate without fear of burning your hands. The DOWAN is incredibly comfortable and safe. The capacity of this cup is 15 liquid oz, enough to serve coffee, tea, or cappuccino. It is important to know that this cup is able to prevent the splash of liquid, but not the spill which means that if you turn the cup the liquid will leak, so avoid turning the cup. Among some recommendations of the manufacturer are to avoid introducing the cup to the microwave or oven, they are not safe to use in these places. Because the bottom material is made of cork should not be introduced into the dishwasher while you keep the cork, if you want to wash it there you must remove the cork that is at the bottom of the cup, then you can wash it inside the dishwasher or if you want you can wash it by hand without removing the cork.  Have the guarantee that you are using an amazing cup made with the best possible quality.  The DOWAN is built to last for many years. If you are looking for a modern and likely cup set you would like to try this. This 2-cup set is available at an incredible price.


If you are looking for a durable and functional cup set the DOWAN is what you need, this amazing cup set is perfect for serving coffee, tea, cappuccino, gua and much more. It is an amazing gift for your family or friends and best of all it is made with premium materials. This cup of coffee will last you many years. This 2-cup set is an amazing buy and is available at a cheap price.

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