Improve Your Baby’s Comfort with the LALAME Organic Newborn Lounger

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Looking for an organic lounger for babies up to 12 months?

Babies are certainly very delicate, so it is important to be always aware. Babies up to 6 months usually sleep up to 16 hours, which is twice as many hours compared to an average adult, as babies grow the hours they sleep decreases, so a baby up to 12 months will still sleep about 14 hours a day, so they need to sleep comfortably if you do not want to interrupt sleep. In addition to sleep, there are many important aspects that you must consider if you want your baby to grow up healthy and I mean the annoying allergies.

Without a doubt, sun loungers are very useful to make sure that the babies rest comfortably, which is of great help during the first 12 months, but you must be careful, not all newborn loungers are made with friendly materials. Sun loungers made with synthetic materials often create allergic reactions in babies, which can end up being a big problem, so be sure to choose a lounger made of natural materials if you want to avoid any allergy-related problems.

The organic lounger for newborns LALAME is one of the best options if you are looking for your baby to sleep comfortably for hours. The best thing about this lounger is that it is designed only with high quality material, so you should not worry about allergies or anything like that. It is designed for babies up to 12 months. Next, discover the most interesting features of this product.

Features of the organic lounger for newborns LALAME

Certified organic Cotton

Well, the main feature and difference of this lounger compared to other brands are that it is made with 100% certified cotton, this means that you should not worry about unexpected allergies, your baby can rest on this lounger for hours without any discomfort. You do not need to worry about poor quality synthetic materials, the LALAME newborn lounger only uses natural materials of the best quality to ensure the best comfort. This is ideal for babies up to 12 months old, so it can also be adjusted as your baby begins to grow.

Water resistant cover

Another feature of this lounger for newborns is that the cotton cover is water resistant, which means you will not have to worry about accidents such as liquid splashes or diaper leaks, which allows you to clean easily without worrying about bad odors. Please note that the cover of this lounger is only splash resistant and not rain resistant, so it should be a concern in case the case gets wet by accident.  Do not worry about unpleasant odors, the organic lounger for newborns LALAME is designed not to absorb odors.

Portable design

No matter where you want to take this organic lounger, it is designed so that you can take it in the car without any problem. This lounger has a light weight so you can take it to the park without getting tired and best of all, a travel bag is included so you can store and transport it in a comfortable way. Without a doubt, your baby will rest for hours on this organic lounger, without worries of allergies, the natural material guarantees that your baby can relax every time he sleeps on this organic lounger.

You can get it here at LaLaMe