Give a vintage look to your room with the VONLUCE table lamp

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Looking for a durable lamp to illuminate your desk?

If you are one of those who usually work during the night you will surely know the importance of having good lighting, otherwise you may not get the best performance. Using a good quality lamp is a perfect solution to keep your work table illuminated, which will allow you to work more comfortably without straining your eyes. The lamps are not only designed to be used in your room, but they are also used to decorate the living room or any place in the home where you need to improve lighting. The only thing you need is to buy a bulb since most lamps do not include a bulb, they can usually support a bulb up to 40W.

There are different models of lamps, some lamps are made of glass or plastic, which is still great since some have models that will help decorate your home, but surely you would like something different so you can surprise your guests. There are some lamps with vintage designs, which are made of metals, which significantly improves the useful life, in addition to giving a nice look to your work table.

The VONLUCE table lamp is an ideal choice if you are looking to decorate your room in a unique way. It has a nice vintage design, and in addition to being made with durable materials, it makes it more resistant to shocks. It includes a friendly guarantee so you can buy it without worries. Next, discover the most interesting features of this product.

Features of the VONLUCE table lamp

Vintage design

The main feature of this lamp is its beautiful and robust vintage design, which makes it a unique lamp unlike the others, which will combine perfectly with your room, living room, or any place in your home where you need to use a lamp. Designed with an antique-industrial look your room will surely look amazing. You can place a bulb of up to 40W, which will be enough to correctly illuminate your work table or desk. Please note that the bulb is not included.

Built to last

The VONLUCE lamp is constructed of durable materials, which makes it more resistant, unlike most lamps. It is built entirely of iron, which makes it less prone to damage caused by accidental falls. This lamp is adjustable, which means that you can adjust the height between 25″ and 29″, so you can adjust it to your size. The lamp head is also adjustable and you can move it at an angle of up to 180°. This lamp is ETL certified, so it is completely safe to use.  The power cord is 5 feet (1.5 meters) long.

3-year warranty

So that you can buy with confidence, a friendly 3-year warranty is included, which covers any damage to the product for 3 years, in addition, you can request a refund or a totally free replacement. VONLUCE cares about the quality of its products, so each lamp is carefully inspected before being shipped.

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