3 Unique Steampunk Lamps That I Love Staring At

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The steampunk aesthetic is one that many people love. It looks cool and sets a unique tone to any room. If the steampunk aesthetic is something that appeals to you, then you’re going to love these lamps! These lamps all feature some variation of a steampunk theme. And they add some dynamic lighting to whatever room they occupy. Each lamp has its own unique flare that it brings to a room, so when choosing, be sure to pick the one best for you. 

First up is the Retro Industrial Steampunk Desk Lamp from FRIDEKO HOME. The lamp features a retro robot design. If you want to create a unique, vintage environment then this steampunk lamp is for you. Made from high-quality iron, it is spun, cut, polished, ground and painted to look as amazing as it does. The culmination of processes and fine workmanship bring forth a beautiful masterpiece. The lamp is fit for E26 and E27 bulbs and 60W is the greatest power. The lamp stands a bit over a foot in height and is about 7 inches wide. It comes without the need of assembly and includes all mounting hardware necessary. Besides all this, the lamp looks anthropomorphized; it’s a little lamp man! 

Next on the list is the Industrial Globe Table Lamp by FAGUANGAO. This lamp features dimmable and point touch controls. It has 3 brightness levels; low, medium, and high. With the touch sensor function, tap the lamp base to turn it on, off or change the setting. No more having to fumble in the darkness for that pesky light switch anymore! The lamp also features 2 fast USB charging ports built into the base. You can have a light source AND a way to charge all your mobile devices. The USB charging feature also works regardless of if the lamp is on or off. The aesthetic leans more towards the industrial style, but it is still a great buy for any steampunk fan. Another added aspect of this lamp is that it comes with a light bulb included. The bulb is a 6W E26 LED and has an enjoyable Edison/vintage style to it! 

Finally, we have Rustic Industrial Steampunk Lamp from Savage Metal (cool brand name btw!). This lamp showcases a steampunk and industrial style. It makes the perfect decorative compliment to any living room. The lamp is welded heavy-duty industrial metal and features recycled automotive transmission gears. The authentic gears add a special flare to this lamp that the others don’t have! The gears are authentic but also the gas pipes and 3/16″ welded round bars are reclaimed and recycled! This is a very eco-friendly option when it comes to lamps. The brightness setting isn’t adjustable and a bulb isn’t included. But, it is compatible with standard E26 bulbs. Savage Metal recommends using an Edison style LED bulb to complete the steampunk look! 

All these lamps are great options to consider. They add an air of rustic, industrial and a degree of ruggedness to any room. Besides adding lighting, they make a room POP and you can’t help but have your eyes attracted to them. The sight of any of these lamps will get the people in the room talking. Everyone will be asking where you got them from because they can’t take their eyes off of them!