Your child is an explorer? Check out HYTIREBY kids metal detector

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Looking for a functional metal detector to start searching for treasure with your child?

Finding hidden treasures underground is one of the most fun activities you can do. There are many people who spend much of their time trying to look for precious metals such as gold, so, after all, it is a profitable activity. Treasures can’t always be found, but you’ll be surprised to know how easy it is to find coins, so it will certainly be fun. To start finding treasures it is necessary to use special equipment capable of detecting metals. The metal detector is the preferred ally of treasure hunters. You can find everything from an old piece of iron to lost jewelry, so it is certainly one of the tools that guarantee hours of fun.

When you have children, you probably don’t like them spending many hours in front of a TV or cell phone. Currently, many parents do not share time with their children, so they prefer that they spend most of their time with cell phones, which is something sad, since childhood is a stage that should be full of adventures. The idea of your children using a metal detector could help them spend more time in nature instead of enslaving themselves in front of a screen. Before buying a metal detector for children you must make sure that it works correctly, I mean that it really finds treasures instead of being a useless toy.

One of the best options to ensure your child’s fun is the HYTIREBY children’s metal detector. It is a functional metal detector, designed for children between 5 and 15 years old, so it will certainly be a great gift. Your child will be able to find a lot of metals with ease. Along with your help, they will surely be great treasure hunters. Next, discover the most interesting features of this product.

Features of the HYTIREBY children’s metal detector


Unlike other supposed detector metals for children, this one is able to find a large number of metals. From gold to coins, ensuring your child has fun finding a lot of objects. Both children and adults can use and have fun with this metal detector.


To ensure long life and prevent it from breaking with accidental falls, high-quality PVC plastic has been used, so your child will be able to use this metal detector with confidence. Another amazing feature is that the search coil can be immersed in water, so you can keep looking for treasures even underwater.

3 search modes

The treasure hunt can be full of unwanted objects, so this detector includes 3 search modes. The first search mode is capable of detecting any metal object, so if you do not want to miss any possible treasure it is recommended that you use this search mode. The mode removes unwanted objects for a faster search. The third mode allows you to choose the metal you want to find, so if you want to find gold or precious metals such as silver you can do it more easily and accurately.


To enhance the search experience, this metal detector includes a fun LCD screen that measures the intensity of the object found, so it will also help make the treasure hunt easier.  When the search coil finds a treasure, a beep will sound.

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