YITAHOME Resin Wicker Swivel Chairs: Durable Comfort for Your Patio

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Since summer has already arrived, you’re probably considering revamping your patio. With numerous options on the market, creating a welcoming atmosphere with your décor can feel like a daunting task. That’s why this time I’ll introduce you to a set of three pieces that will help you complete your home decor.

YITAHOME swivel chairs stand out as a great choice that you should consider. They are built with high-quality materials, which guarantee unbeatable durability and comfort. Below, I’ll tell you some of the most interesting features.

Made with resin wicker

Wicker is an extremely cool natural fiber, which makes it one of the best materials to use for chairs. YITAHOME uses carefully selected resin wicker to ensure superior quality. You can place the chairs almost anywhere, whether on the patio, balcony, or living room. Two chairs and a table are included so, you can complement your decor with a suitable style. The chairs are made of 80% wicker and 20% steel. Don’t worry if you plan to use them outdoors, both the chairs and table block most UV rays.

360° swivel design

The YITAHOME chairs feature a design that allows you to swing and swivel in a relaxing way. Swiveling can be done at 360° for enhanced comfort and convenience. In addition to these features, YITAHOME chairs are designed to support up to 250 pounds without any problems. Some brands offer less-than-durable options that can struggle with loads over 200 pounds.

Cushions included

Both YITAHOME chairs include four stylish cushions that not only offer improved comfort but also complement the decor. The cushions are 3.2″ thick, while the table has a dimension of 18.5″. The cushions can be washed without any problem thanks to their waterproof design (you need to remove the cover first).

Easy to assemble

It is important to mention that both the table and the chairs do not come fully assembled. YITAHOME provides detailed instructions so that anyone can finish the assembly in just a few minutes. If at any time you have any questions about the installation, just contact YITAHOME, and customer service will be ready to provide you with a professional response within 24 hours.

In conclusion

YITAHOME swivel chairs offer everything necessary to provide comfort not only throughout the summer, but also in all seasons. They have interesting features such as the ability to swing or swivel through 360°, something that guests will appreciate if you want to avoid having to move the chairs frequently. In addition, a table is included which will complement the decor even more.

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