Enter to Win a CINCOM Eye Massager with Heat and Air Compression

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If you are someone who is prone to tension around your eyes, you really could benefit from one of these CINCOM eye massagers. I personally use one to help when I have migraines and they offer quite a bit of relief while giving you a soothing spa like experience.

How the CINCOM Eye Massager Works

You adjust the band and wear it around your head and wear it like you would a sleep mask. When you activate the eye massager which has a 1 touch button you have four functions, air pressure, vibration, heating and music. There are 6 vibration intensities and 2 air pressure modes. You place your hand in front of sensor area of the black sware and wave your hand to control frequency of vibrations. Hold hand for 2 seconds to switch air pressure modes. This means you can easily make adjustments without even having to take it off. While wearing it you will feel the airbags inside swell and release which put pressure around your eyebrows, eyes and near your temples. This press and release is quite soothing and combined with vibration can relieve tension. The temperate range for the heating is between 104~122℉ and is Infrared Heating.

Now with 6 airbags, this eye massager hits the primary acupoints sizhukong , Cuanzhu, Jingming, Chengqi and temples. It runs for 15 minutes before auto shutoff, and you can connect it to Bluetooth and play your favorite meditative music through it. But you don’t need music. While testing about the only minor thing to note about the device is the buzzing while the airbags fill and the hissing when they release can be a tad too loud for you to rest, so the music can help somewhat dampen the sound of the device in action. You can easily fold it and store it or take it with you and a full charge lasts about 2-4 hours depending on how strong you set the air compression and vibration intensities to.

Thanks to CINCOM, we are offering one up in a giveaway.

Enter for your Chance to Win a CINCOM Eye Massager With Heat

Enter to win the CINCOM Eye Massager with Air Compression and Heat