Why is the ECHOGEAR Power Strip One of the Best?

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Tired of your chargers or power cords not fitting on the same power strip? I present an innovative idea to solve that problem

If you usually work with many devices at the same time, then it is likely that at some point they will be without an outlet. AC ports are indispensable for charging multiple devices, but also for running appliances. Power strips become mandatory when you need to keep multiple devices working in one place, so they’re the best choice if you need something reliable, as your home outlet can offer enough power to supply reliable power through a power strip.

Although power strips are a reliable solution, a more common problem often arises than you think. Many times, our chargers are too large, which means that they could occupy the size of 2 AC outputs, and that could considerably limit the number of devices you can connect. ECHOGEAR, a brand that has been innovating since 2015 has created a definitive solution, a power strip with rotating AC outputs, why had no one thought of it before? It not only offers innovative power strips but is also incredibly safe to use.

The ECHOGEAR power strip is probably one of the most innovative and useful ideas you can buy. It’s designed so you can plug in all your chargers or power cords without worrying about taking up more space, which means you’ll never have to take up 2 outlet slots to plug in a single device or appliance. Best of all, there’s a friendly warranty that protects all your devices. Next, discover the most interesting features of this product.

Features of the ECHOGEAR power strip

If you usually use chargers that are too large, then you may need to replace your old power strip with one of the popular brands, ECHOGEAR. The main feature of this power strip is that 8 AC outputs are included, which is enough to keep a lot of devices running at the same time. Why is it better than others? Well, 8 AC outputs are included, of which 6 can be rotated left or right, allowing you to better organize chargers or power cords in case some of them are too large, this completely decreases the possibility of some of them taking up more space, so you won’t have to worry about limiting the number of AC outputs.

ECHOGEAR uses an overvoltage protection system, so forget about the electrical problems that often happen on cheap power strips. All your devices are protected thanks to 2160J surge protection, which is a high rating that is often limited in other brands. The cable length is 8 feet and can rotate 6 AC outputs in a 160° motion (2 AC outputs are located at the beginning and end of the power strip). Finally, you can buy without worries, ECHOGEAR is a reliable brand, so they offer a 5-year warranty and up to 25K in protection of connected equipment.

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