What is the Best Automatic Feeder for Dogs or Cats? Look at PETBOOKRO

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Do you want your pets to have food all the time?

The PETLIBRO is an amazing and modern automatic dining room that allows your dog or cat to have food even when not at home. This dog dining room is easy to use and allows you to keep your dogs or cats fed at all times, plus it’s fully programmable so you don’t have to spend valuable time feeding your pet.  This dining room is manufactured with the best quality and prevents damage thanks to its stainless steel material. Keep your pets with enough food 24 hours a day, 7 days a week thanks to this modern and automatic dining room. This amazing and technological automatic dining room is a great purchase for your favorite pet and is available at an incredible price.

Features of the PETLIBRO automatic dining room

The PETLIBRO dining room is what your pet needs to always stay fed. This automatic dining room helps your pets have food at any time of the day regardless of whether you are not in the house. This dining room is capable of recording your voice for 10 seconds, so your pet will feel happy when the dining room offers you food. This technological and automatic dining room is easy to use. To refill the food eater simply lift the top cover and fill it with a dog or cat food. The lids are fully washable to keep your pets healthy. It is capable of dispensing up to 4 meals a day and 9 servings. You can manually configure each of them to suit your schedule. This advanced dining room includes anti-lock protection to prevent your pet from looking for more meals, this is achieved thanks to the secure top cover.

This dining room can be used with an electrical power supply or with 3 batteries. The PETBOOK has a capacity of 4L or 16.9 cups which is more than enough to keep your pet fed all day.  It is recommended that you have batteries installed to prevent your pet from running out of food due to power failures. This dining room is equipped with adjustment memory to avoid power failures. It includes a functional LCD screen with the necessary information. This smart, automatic dining room is a perfect gift for your pet, it’s incredibly functional and keeps your dog or cat with food when you’re not at home.


If you need your pets to always stay fed, the PETLIBRO dining room is what your home needs. This automatic dining room with voice recording intelligence allows your dog or cat to always stay healthy. This dining room is programmable according to your needs and schedule. This amazing dog or cat eater is a smart purchase for your home and pet. It is available at an incredible price.

You can buy this item here: Amazon.com : PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Feeder, Timed Cat Feeder with Desiccant Bag for Pet Dry Food, Programmable Portion Control 1-4 Meals per Day & 10s Voice Recorder for Cats and Dogs 4L/6L : Pet Supplies