What to Know about Brass Birmingham Board Game

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Brass: Birmingham is a hand management and network building game for 2-4 players. It is built around Brass, created by Martin Wallace and published by Warfrog in 2007. Birmingham sees Gavan Brown and Matt Tolman make some additions and tweaks to Martin Wallace’s original mechanics, and is published by Roxley.

Each player possesses a player board with industry tiles placed upon it, a starting amount of money, double sided canal and rail tokens, as well as a hand of cards. Players have the same amounts and types of industry tiles, arranged in a sequential order that they must be built or discarded in. The resources and costs of the tiles vary, between each type as well as within a type.

The game involves players spending cards to perform actions. These actions allow them to place industry or links onto the board, take loans, trade with markets, and take wild cards to better prepare for future turns. Any of the player’s links which meet each other are considered the players network, and they do not necessarily have to run through a location the player has placed industry in.

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