What is and How to Play Aroma – a game of essence Aromatherapy Board Game

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This is a Aroma, a game of essence. And basically you can play it with other people. And it’s really cool.

If you love things that smell good, this is definitely going to be a game that you’re going to enjoy. And it’s really fun to.

The four colors are indicative of four players, also there are four different types of games you can play. There’s Discover, which is the red one, Survive, which is the purple one, Revolve, which is the yellow one, and then the green one is Collect.

So they each have different objectives for Discover, you have to identify your five aromas faster than your opponent. Survive, you have to eliminate players by naming all of their scents. In revolve, you smell and pass oils around, and you try to like, identify which one it is and then in Collect, you find all the aromas that belong in your category.

I know it may sound like a lot, and it kind of is, but like, you get used to it super fast, especially the more you play it. And it’s just really cool. The player cards list out all the scents that you have that come with it.

Aroma is a really fun game. So if you’re in the market for something unique, a unique game to play with friends, friends who just love enjoying good smelling things. And do you want to check out a very interesting and interactive game to play with to between two to four people? Definitely check out a Aroma a game of essence!