Showcasing Serel’s Genuine Leather Minimalist Bifold Wallet

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For men’s wallets, the most preferred material is leather. Serel’s minimalist leather magic wallet has an aerodynamic balance. For our 100% handmade magic wallet for men, we have used goat leather which is 100% organically tanned. The edge dyes are of Dutch origin Stahl brand and 100% cotton and recyclable French cotton threads are used. This means that our handmade leather wallet is one of the best minimalist wallets for men in terms of quality. This slim but functional wallet has 6 slots to hold your credit cards, and cash. Easily carry it in your front or back pocket. The non bulky design allows to put what you need in it. a combination of Italian and German design and a pure engineering marvel will be a stylish and elegant choice for you. Thanks to its slimness and small size, the wallet for men in green, beige and red colors can be carried in any of your pockets. With its user-friendly interior design, you can easily access your credit cards, ID, debit cards, and cash.

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