Showcasing Maizjok Waterproof Motorcycle Cover

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The Maizjok outdoor motorcycle cover is made from 210D polyester high strength tarpaulin, which is strong, hard wearing and breathable. With good protection against sun, UV, water, rain, snow, dust and scratches, it can effectively cope with bad weather outdoors and can also be used indoors. The cover is coated with a silver and a water-resistant coating. The seams are taped with high-temperature seam tape technology and double stitching, and the inner seam has a waterproof tape, which completely solves the problem of water leakage like other similar products. The size is 96.5 x 41.3 x 49.2 inch, suitable for most motorbikes, hornets, mopeds, scooters and motocross bikes. Maizjok moped cover has two webbing lock holes, which are less prone to damage and rust than metal locking holes. It is more effective against theft. The front and rear elastic straps and windshields are designed to fit your motorcycle better and protect it from strong winds. There are 3 reflective strips with the indoor motorcycle cover, one on the front and two on the side. With the black and orange vespa cover design, it is easier to find your motorbike in the dark. Reflective at night, greatly improving safety and preventing accidents.

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