Showcasing BRAVIGI Wing Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener

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With BRAVIGI you can open a bottle of your best wine using our cork screw bottle openers! The curved wing handles are easy to grip and the sharpened tip can pierce through any type of cork. There is no need to switch between 2 bottle openers during a party with the BRAVIGI corkscrew because there is a beer bottle opener at the topto effortlessly pop open beer and wine! Expect these wine openers to stay in good shape for years. Each one has a zinc alloy body and 304 stainless steel cork screw, both of which can withstand damage and rusting. Easy to store and transport measuring 7.3″x2.6″x1.6”. This is a great gift idea that is not only useful, but its sleek design will also match with any type of kitchen decor.

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