Traditional bow for $150? Check out the traditional TOPARCHERY 53” arch

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Looking for a traditional handmade bow to train target shooting or to hunt?

Bows are undoubtedly a great tool for hunting in the field, although at present they are not usually used because they require great precision. Arches were created thousands of years ago, so today the design has been perfected and you can find high-quality arches available at an incredible price. The most common arches are traditional and sporty, but without a doubt using a wooden arch is probably a better experience if you compare it with a sports arch. Sports arches give you greater precision, but a traditional arch transports you back in time, so you’ll be able to experience ancient life on your own. Although the traditional bow requires more care, you will be able to show off to your friends that you have a spectacular and beautiful wooden bow.

If you are looking for a traditional bow that also includes additional accessories surely the TOPARCHERY 53” bow is what you need. This arch is built with the wood of high quality, so if you take care of it properly it will surely last for many years. It will certainly be a great tool for practicing target shooting. If you are looking for a traditional bow for 150 dollars surely you would like to know about this product. 

Care you should know before buying a traditional bow

Traditional bows are certainly a beautiful tool, but compared to a sports bow, you should take care of the wooden bow carefully. People often use the traditional wooden bow wrongly, so they are likely to break it in a short time. Among the basic care of a traditional bow are: remove the string once you stop using the bow and keep the bow in a dry environment (inside the home), never let the rain touch the bow.

Characteristics of the traditional arch TOPARCHERY 53”

Having a bow of your own will no longer be a problem with the traditional TOPARCHERY 53′ bow. This handmade bow is probably one of the best options available for $150. The main feature of this arch is that it is made with wood, so you can appreciate the difference between a traditional arch and a sports arch, it is also handmade to ensure that each arch is made correctly. Another feature of this bow is that it provides a force of up to 50 lbs, so surely each arrow is launched at a high speed. This arch unlike the sports arches will work well for right-handers and left-handers, so regardless of what your posture is, you will surely enjoy great comfort. In addition to the arch, some additional accessories are included so you can use the bow immediately. Included are 6 arrows, a finger glove, a bag to store arrows, and a few more accessories. Although the necessary accessories are included to start shooting your first arrows, you must buy a blade to practice target shooting.


If you are looking for a reliable traditional bow surely the TOPARCHERY 53” is what you need. This wooden arch is handmade so you will surely love the comfort. For $150 it’s probably the best option available on the Amazon store. Remember to use the bow responsibly.

You can buy this item here: : TOPARCHERY 53” Archery Traditional Recurve Bow Set 30-50 lbs Hunting Handmade Horse Bow Longbow with 6X Wood Arrows Finger Guard Arm Guard Arrow Quiver (50) : Sports & Outdoors