Top EVIQO Level 2 Charger: Advanced & Efficient

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Introducing the future of home electric vehicle (EV) charging: the EVIPOWER by EVIQO. Born from the passion and expertise of a team of EV enthusiasts, EVIPOWER is a leap forward in residential EV charging technology. Unhappy with the existing solutions, this dedicated group from diverse backgrounds crafted a charger that addresses all the shortcomings they experienced firsthand.

The EVIPOWER Advantage

Top-Tier User Experience: Designed by the people, for the people—EV owners themselves contributed to crafting the EVIPOWER, making it one of the most user-friendly chargers on the market. From its durable, weatherproof build to its intuitive setup and operation, every detail is fine-tuned for convenience and reliability.

Unrivaled Performance: EVIPOWER proudly stands as the only Level 2 home EV charger with a perfect 5.0-star rating on Amazon. It offers the longest cables allowed by regulation, extending 25 feet for flexible placement and easy connection. The input cable is also the longest on the market at 3.1 feet, ensuring installation ease unlike any other.

Superior Durability and Safety: The charger features a robust, fully rubberized J1772 connector with a metal tab for enhanced durability and secure connection. Certified to the highest safety standards, including UL, CSA, ETL, Energy Star, and FCC, EVIPOWER ensures safe operation in any weather with IP66 and NEMA-4 rated enclosures.

Smart Technology Integration: EVIPOWER is more than just a charger; it’s a smart home device. Equipped with innovative technology, it connects seamlessly to the EVIQO app, enhancing your charging experience with smart functions and useful tips, all accessible through a thoughtfully designed interface.

Outshining the Competition: In direct comparison, EVIPOWER surpasses well-known brands like Tesla and ChargePoint in several critical areas. It offers longer cables, a more durable and functional connector, and superior enclosure ratings. It even includes a separate holster for convenient cable management—features that competitors simply don’t match.

Industry Acclaim: The charger’s excellence hasn’t gone unnoticed. EV expert Tom Molouhney awarded EVIPOWER an unprecedented 98 points in his detailed review, underscoring its outstanding performance and innovation.

Why Choose EVIPOWER?

Choosing EVIPOWER means investing in a product meticulously designed to enhance your daily life. Its unmatched quality, user-focused design, and superior functionality make it the ideal choice for any EV owner looking to upgrade their charging experience at home. With EVIPOWER, you’re not just choosing a charger; you’re embracing a revolution in EV technology. Make the smart switch to EVIPOWER and transform how you charge your vehicle forever. Welcome to the new standard in home EV charging.

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