The Tikom G8000 Pro robot vacuum cleaner will help get rid of annoying dust in your home

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Tired of cleaning your home? Get the robot vacuum cleaner to do the hard work for you

Cleaning will always be a boring activity, but it is important to keep our homes clean. The accumulation of dust can give a bad look to our home, it can also cause diseases related to the respiratory system. I know, the one who probably doesn’t want to waste his valuable time doing the same activity every day and shouldn’t feel bad if he thinks that way, I hate cleaning the home too. Fortunately, technology makes our lives easier and now it is no longer necessary to spend hours cleaning our home, there are intelligent robots that do the job, so your back will no longer have to suffer if you use one of these incredible products.

The robot vacuum cleaner has become increasingly popular and if you have not tried it yet, then it is time to see with your eye everything that this new technology can do. The robot vacuum cleaner is responsible for touring your home automatically, with the mission of vacuuming the greatest amount of dust. You will only have to turn on the robot vacuum cleaner, the hard work will be done by this robot. The price of a robot vacuum cleaner can vary, some can cost up to more than $1000, but I think if you’ve never tried one, you probably don’t want to spend that amount, there are some good quality ones available at a lower price.

The Tikom G8000 Pro is a great choice if you’re looking to remove dust from your home. This is a high-performance robot vacuum cleaner available at an incredible price. It offers good power to efficiently vacuum dust on most floors, so forget about cleaning again thanks to this robot. Below, discover the most interesting features of this product.

Features of the Tikom G8000 Pro robot vacuum cleaner

Incredible performance

The Tikom G8000 Pro does its job thanks to the powerful suction of 4500Pa, which allows it to vacuum dust very easily compared to other brands. Not only can you easily vacuum dust, but it also offers a scrubbing function thanks to a water pump, which will leave your floor spotless. You can adjust the water output at 3 different levels. Do not worry if you think your floor will be soaked with water, this robot vacuum cleaner will be responsible for cleaning the water automatically. High-quality brushes also help the robot vacuum cleaner to clean efficiently.

Usage time of more than 2 hours

Your home is likely to be large, so you’d probably like to have a robot vacuum cleaner with good battery life. The Tikom G8000 Pro can last up to 150 minutes on a single charge, which is amazing when you consider that the most expensive robot vacuums usually only last 120 minutes. A charging station is also included. When the battery is low, the aspirated robot will return and charge automatically.

Smart sensors

The Tikom G8000 Pro has sensors that prevent the robot vacuum cleaner from crashing into objects or pets. It can also dodge blind spots, such as stairs, preventing the robot vacuum cleaner from having an accident. Something you should know is that you can control the robot with your voice, using the application, or using the included remote control. Download the free “Tikom” app to get more complete information on the performance of the robot vacuum cleaner.

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