The Best Amazon Subscription Boxes for pets

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If you have pets at home, then you will know the importance of keeping them cheerful most of the time. Pets, like people, need good care, especially if you can’t spend all your time with them. Toys, food, and cleaning products are some of the things you should keep in mind if you want to keep your pet healthy and cheerful. You might think you can get any toy in the store, but as you know, most have uncreative and repetitive designs, which could surely be a bit boring.

If you’re looking to have unique pet products, then an Amazon subscription box for pets is what you need. But what exactly is an Amazon subscription box? Basically, it is a new idea launched by Amazon, it offers exclusive products every month, which means that you will get a box every month for an approximate subscription of $ 19.99. You will receive new products every month and can cancel anytime. Below, discover 3 Amazon subscription boxes about pets.

  • KitNipBox

The Amazon KitNipBox subscription box is designed to keep your cat happy.  This box includes fun exclusive toys made in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, or Europe. The toys are carefully designed to be completely safe for your cat to use, so don’t worry about quality, they probably feel better quality compared to the cheap toys you can find in stores. You get 4 toys and treats to keep your cat happy. As if that were not enough, KitNipBox helps more than 100  shelters, so they allocate a part to donate to cat shelters. Make your cat happy with this fun Amazon subscription box. Remember that you will get new toys every month, without repeated products and you can cancel at any time.

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  • BarkBox

The BarkBox subscription box is designed for dogs, so if your dog loves toys, this surprise box is sure to be a great gift. Something to keep in mind is that, unlike most subscription boxes, this one is priced at $39.00, which is almost twice as expensive, the good news is that you get more toys and better quality, you know, dogs have a respectable bite, so, you need the toys to be durable.  This box is designed for 2 dogs to get fun toys in addition to nutritious and delicious treats. Treats are made with high-quality ingredients to make your dog grow healthy and strong. Make your dogs happy with this Amazon subscription box, remember that you will get exclusive toys every month.

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  • Meowbox

The Meowbox subscription box is also designed for playful cats. This subscription box includes 5 items (4 toys and a treat), which should be enough to keep your cat happy for hours. You don’t have to worry about poor-quality treats, most of the treats are proudly made in the United States (some treats are made in Canada).  Each toy sent is exclusive, in addition, one of the toys is made by hand. Meowbox cares about all cats, so they also take care of helping shelters. With each subscription box purchased, Mewbox is responsible for donating a box of food or the equivalent in money.

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