Surprise your child with the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC PRO Series metal detector for kids

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Looking for a metal detector that can work well for your child to start finding valuable treasures?

Metal detection is a fun activity that can help you earn a few extra bucks, so it’s normal for kids to be curious about finding valuables underground. You should know that more than 80% of metals that are buried are garbage, so you can not always find valuable things, but that does not mean that at some moment you cannot find an expensive ring. Children are curious, so if you want them to spend more time away from home instead of being in all day with their cell phones, then a metal detector sounds like an amazing idea.

Before choosing a metal detector it is important to consider some aspects if you want your child not to end up disappointed. Even though metal detectors for kids don’t have advanced features, that doesn’t mean they should be simple toys, if you want your child to really be able to find metals underground, you’ll need a detector that has a good search coil to increase the depth.

The NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC PRO Series metal detector is probably one of the best educational gifts a child can get. Not only do they have a fun design, but it is also functional and capable of detecting most ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Available at an incredible price, your child will surely be happy with this great gift. Below, discover the most interesting features of this product.

Features of the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC PRO Series metal detector


This metal detector for kids is not just a toy, it is fully functional and can find metals in the sand, dirt, and park, so your child can find buried coins in an easy and fast way, so, your child may find a gold ring buried on the beach. It has 3 detection modes, which means that the detector can be configured to look for specific metals, which prevents it from detecting junk metals.

Easy to use

The NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC PRO Series metal detector is designed so that children can use it in an easy and fast way, without strange configurations or frustrating installations, children can learn to use the metal detector in a few minutes. The LCD screen helps to easily differentiate metals, so children can learn to distinguish between a coin and junk metal (iron). Adults can also use this metal detector as it has some professional features.

Waterproof coil

Another feature of this metal detector is that the coil is waterproof, so you can submerge the coil completely underwater without worrying about damage. Please note that only the coil is waterproof, the LCD screen is not. The coil is designed to detect metals at a depth of up to 12 inches, which is amazing considering that this metal detector is designed for children and beginners. Children will surely be happy to use this scientific toy manufactured by a prestigious brand.

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