Stay warm during the winter with the ClassicFlame electric fireplace

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Are temperatures very low in your city? You probably need a good electric fireplace

In some parts of the United States temperatures can be very low during the winter, so people should prepare in the best way if they do not want to experience some dangerous problems such as hypothermia. For some cities, temperatures like -29°F are common during this season and as you know, that’s too cold. It is important to stay well warm, in addition to having heating and a fireplace in the home. Electric fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular in the home, as they are easy to use and only need to be plugged into an outlet to function. You can place them almost anywhere, so you can install them in the bedroom, living room, kitchen and anywhere else you need heat.

Electric fireplaces usually offer high performance in most cases, but it will depend on the power with which they can operate. Another aspect is that not all of them have a long-range, so if you want to heat a large area of your home, you need to invest in a good electric fireplace. Chimneys are also much safer compared to traditional fireplaces. Keep in mind that high-performance electric fireplaces can cost upwards of $500.

The ClassicFlame 32″ electric fireplace is a great choice for heating the home during the cold winter. It offers incredible performance during cold temperatures, plus it’s easy to use and set up so you can heat your home right away. Stay comfortable during this season with this electric fireplace. Next, discover the most interesting features of this product.

Features of the ClassicFlame electric fireplace

Can heat a large area

One of the main features of this electric fireplace is that it can heat an area of up to 1000 square feet, this is achieved thanks to the fact that it offers a performance of 5200 BTU.  You can place this electric fireplace almost anywhere in the home (kitchen, bedroom, living room, garage, and any other place where you need to lower temperatures.  You can also adjust the temperature.  Stay comfortable in your home no matter how cold the winter is. Sleep peacefully and worry-free thanks to this high-performance electric fireplace.

Realistic 3D flames

As you know, electric fireplaces cannot generate fire unlike a traditional fireplace, but you should not worry if you want to achieve a similar style. The ClassicFlame electric fireplace can generate artificial flames using 3D technology, so the flames will look realistic so that your home looks much better while the electric fireplace is on.

Safe fireplace

Although the electric fireplace is much safer than a traditional fireplace, you may want to get a product with a good security system. You should not worry, the ClassicFlame electric fireplace has an advanced safety system that prevents any type of electrical accident. In case the electric fireplace overheats it will turn off automatically. Another important feature is that the electric fireplace is safe to touch, so if you have children and pets in the home, you should not worry if they touch the electric fireplace by accident, it will stay cold outside.  

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