Showcasing Prolux Core 15 Floor Polisher

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Gets Your Floors Ready for Smooth Comfortable Walking with this Prolux Core 15 Heavy Duty Single Pad Commercial Floor Polisher/Buffer

The Prolux Core single-pad commercial floor buffer polisher machine is designed to strip, wax, and polish any type of hard floor surface.

This unit is capable of removing stains, marks, and discoloration from any type of tile, marble, or granite as well as sealed wood floors. This unit can also be used to buff smooth any type of laminate wood flooring.

This buffer features heavy-duty all-metal construction, a 150 RPM highly efficient direct drive motor, and a 15-inch buffing path to help you get the job done fast.

This buffer will be sure to give you years of use with its high-quality components and professional results that are backed by excellent customer service.

The user-friendly design makes this Prolux Core buffer easy to use and operate. It comes with a  telescoping wand. This allows you to push the buffer’s head away from yourself and your work, allowing you to keep your body at a safe distance from the moving parts.

You may also use your telescoping wand while working on an uneven or rough surface such as tile or concrete. You can use this extra length to push the buffer head into these hard-to-reach areas and remove excess dirt or debris that would otherwise be inaccessible with a shorter wand.

Finally, you can also use your telescoping wand while cleaning upholstery or carpets. The longer extension will make it easier for you to reach certain areas of the carpet when using a floor buffer.

The polisher is also very easy to assemble as all parts are pre-assembled into a unit with no need for tools or screws which makes it portable and convenient when moving around from place to place daily if needed.

The large transport wheels make it easy to maneuver around furniture and hard-to-reach areas. The wheels are made with rubber designed to be quiet yet as powerful as you least expected, smooth, and durable. They also allow you to move the machine around easily without scratching floors or damaging walls.

The Prolux Core 15″ Heavy Duty Single Pad Commercial Floor Polisher/Buffer has a 5-year warranty against defects in material and workmanship, which is comforting when purchasing an expensive piece of equipment like this one!

The Prolux 15 Core Heavy Duty Single Pad Commercial floor buffer comes with every tool you need for your job. Sanding, stripping, carpet dry cleaning, and more. It’s perfect for all-purpose applications, including tile and stone prep, general cleaning and polishing, concrete waxing and scrubbing off concrete surfaces, as well as other industrial and residential uses. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to use while providing outstanding results every time.

The single pad is made of hardened steel, which provides the strength and durability that you need to get the job done right. The Prolux 15 Core Heavy Duty Single Pad Commercial floor buffer has a powerful motor that helps you make all your mistakes disappear in a hurry.

Please note that the Prolux Core Single Pad Commercial Floor Polisher buffer is not intended for only residential use.

This machine was designed and built with the highest quality materials, including a hard-wearing steel base that can be used on both wood and concrete floors, gym floors, laminate hardwoods, and many others. It also has a powerful random orbit motor and gearing technology which allows you to buff and polish floors quickly without breaking your back or wrists or leaving annoying whirling marks on your decorated floors.

The Prolux Core Single Pad Commercial Floor Polisher Buffer Machine is perfect for those who have been looking for an affordable solution to their buffing needs: it’s affordable enough that you won’t feel guilty about spending money on something like this when there are cheaper options available but powerful enough that all of your floors will look like new again in no time at all!

The Prolux Core 15″ Heavy Duty Single Pad Commercial Floor Polisher/Buffer makes stripping and polishing easy, even in large spaces. This machine is powerful and durable, with a wide adhesion range that allows you to remove any type of finish in minutes. It’s also safe: the pad never touches your floors so hard-wearing risks scratch or damage from this commercial buffer.

The Prolux Core 15″ Heavy Duty Single Pad Commercial Floor Polisher/Buffer comes with a 30-day warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for satisfaction.

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