Protect yourself from the cold winter with the BETELNUT electric fireplace

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Looking for a good quality electric fireplace available at an affordable price?

Winter is a great season, playing in the snow is fun not only for children but also for adults. You can ski, make snowmen, use a sled, and do many other fun activities. As you know, snow has a problem and the intense cold it can cause in some places in the United States, so you will need to keep your home warm during this season. One of the best ways to heat your home is by using an electric fireplace, which offers a pleasantly warm environment to keep you comfortable in your home throughout the winter. Keep in mind that there are also other ways to heat the home, for example, you could use a wood or gas fireplace, but electric fireplaces are safer.

As I mentioned earlier, electric fireplaces are safer because they do not generate real fire, but they have screens that simulate the flames of a wood fireplace, this means that your home will be safer when you use an electric fireplace. Prices can vary, but if you want to get something of quality you should expect to spend approximately $300. An incredible feature is that they can heat your home very well, they can even exceed the performance of a wood-burning fireplace, all this using only electrical energy.

The BETELNUT electric fireplace is a great option to spend this winter comfortably in your home. With a power of 750W (maximum of 1500W), you can heat your room with a temperature of up to 82 ° F. It also has functions that will allow you to save energy. Without a doubt a great purchase that can not miss in your home for this winter. Next, discover the most interesting features of this product.

Features of the BETELNUT electric fireplace

High performance

We know that winter can be very cold, so it’s important to be prepared. In much of the United States, you can find average temperatures of 2° F and can even drop further. The BETELNUT electric fireplace does its job and offers a comfortable temperature of up to 82° F so you can be in your home in the best way.  The temperature can be adjusted with a minimum of 62° F and a maximum of 82° F, which means you can adjust the temperature depending on how cold the weather is.

Easy to use

The BETELNUT electric fireplace is designed so that you can easily install it on the wall. You can control the fireplace in two different ways. You can do them from the touch screen or using the remote control. This fireplace only produces a noise of 45dB so you can sleep peacefully.

Stylish look

This electric fireplace includes a screen that realistically simulates the flames of a wood-burning fireplace. You can choose from 12 different styles of flames and colors, so you will give an incredible look to your home. Remember that you can control everything from the remote control or the touch screen.

You can buy this item here: BETELNUT 50″ Electric Fireplace Wall Mounted and Recessed with Remote Control, 750/1500W Ultra-Thin Wall Fireplace Heater W/ Timer Adjustable Flame Color and Brightness, Log Set & Crystal Options : Home & Kitchen