Press and Shape Burgers with Cuisinart CISB-111

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Looking for a tool to prepare hamburgers?

The Cuisinart CISB-111 is an incredible tool that allows you to crush your burgers and give them a more aesthetic shape which helps them cook correctly. It is an incredible tool that can not be missing in your kitchen. This incredible tool is made of cast iron, it is made to last a lifetime. This tool to crush hamburgers is a perfect gift for friends, family, or any lover of cooking. Have a burgers restaurant look thanks to this amazing kitchen tool.  Impress your guests thanks to this hamburger press. This press is available on Amazon at a cheap price.

Cuisinart CSB-111 Burger Press Feature

Consistency is what this burger press can deliver, you could even adjust it. Unlike other burger presses that are basically a cast iron spatula, this press allows you to adjust to find your perfect burger thickness just by turning a dial. Because it is a circle-shaped mold, it makes a  perfectly formed burger every time, which is also much better than most traditional methods. It’s incredibly easy to use: just slide a piece of parchment paper on the bottom, load it with ground beef, and press.  The burger will be easily removed from the surface thanks to the non-stick surface, this ensures that the burger has a restaurant appearance. But if you think about it, appearance isn’t really the reason a burger is so good. By making sure burgers have a certain thickness everywhere, grilling them is much easier and therefore makes better burgers.  This amazing hamburger crush press allows you to get burgers with a restaurant appearance. This press is manufactured to last for many years, which is a unique feature. This is made of cast iron which guarantees long-lasting quality. Remember to use hamburger paper to get a better result. Add butter to your burgers for a delicious taste. To get a juicy and delicious burger be sure to use ground beef with 20% fat and 80% meat (Available in most supermarkets in the United States). This tool for crushing burgers is a perfect gift for your friends, family, or anyone who loves cooking. It is an incredible tool made of durable materials, you can not miss in your kitchen or restaurant. This incredible prey of hamburgers is available on Amazon for less than 20 dollars!


If you are looking for your burgers to look like a restaurant Cuisinart CISB-111 is what you need. This incredible tool is made of high-quality materials (cast iron) that guarantee a long service life. It is a tool that can not be missing in your kitchen and is a perfect gift for your friends or family. Make juicy burgers thanks to this cooking tool. It is made to last a lifetime. This hamburger press is available on Amazon at an incredibly low price.

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