Need a Professional Electric Fryer? Look at HH Building

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Looking for a fryer to cook potatoes and fried chicken?

The HH Building is an amazing electric fryer that uses hot air to heat the oil. Electric fryers are usually more profitable, they do not require a gas line, only an electrical outlet. They are less polluting for the environment than gas fryers for these reasons they are more common fryers, and we can find them in most cases in restaurant establishments. In addition, electric fryers heat the oil quickly thanks to the hot air. Electric fryers can better control the oil temperature. Although the electricity cost can be somewhat high, it is profitable in the long term because it will not need to use gas. Another fact to consider is that electric fryers usually take longer to heat up, but once you start heating the oil the heat will be better maintained, unlike a gas fryer. Another great feature of electric fryers is that you don’t need to clean the fryer every day.

Features of the HH Building electric fryer

The HH Building is an electric fryer that heats oil quickly using hot air. The electric fryer provides a power of 1700 watts which is enough to heat the oil quickly.  This fryer uses a had that provides hot air and helps to heat the oil in a short time. An incredible feature of this electric fryer is its large capacity to store oil, it is capable of storing up to 16 liters of oil (8 liters per tank). This electric fryer is ideal for home or commercial use. It is ideal for frying potatoes, chicken, and onion rings and getting a perfect result. Another great feature of this electric fryer is how safe to use thanks to the caps that considerably reduce the splash of hot oil. The temperature is more controllable, plus it is easy to adjust. You will be able to control the temperature of the tanks individually. The electric fryer is built with stainless steel to prolong the service life and offer the best quality.   This electric fryer can be used at home, but it can also be used for commercial use. It includes a tap that allows the oil to be drained faster. It’s easy to clean, plus you won’t have to clean the fryer every day. Overall, it is an easy-to-use and high-quality electric fryer.

Advantages of electric fryers

The temperature will be better maintained, unlike gas fryers. It is usually easy to use and you will only need to wait a few minutes until you reach the right temperature. You won’t need to clean the fryer every day. It is easy to move and store. It is more environmentally friendly.

Disadvantages of electric fryers

The electro expenditure will be higher, but in the long term, it will be profitable. It will usually take longer to heat up (a few minutes) unlike gas fryers.


If you are looking for a good quality electric fryer this is what you need. It is an electric fryer that heats the oil quickly using hot air. Prepare delicious meals in no time using this amazing fryer.

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