Need a Hummingbird Feeder? Check out the RAYHOME Hummingbird Feeder

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RAYHOMEs Hummingbird Feeder is an excellent tool for the avid bird watcher, and a lovely addition to any garden. With its vivid kaleidoscope of a surface, and its hanging mount design, it’ll look fantastic in just about any garden, outside a window, or even on your front porch. A good bird feeder both keeps your local bird population happy, beautifies your garden with the presence of wildlife, and even just looks nice on its own, like a well crafted set of windchimes, so I hope by the end of this article I can convince you on the positive aspects of purchasing a hummingbird feeder! Owning one of these can add a bit of fun to any garden or outdoor setting, and provide hours of bird watching fun, and I really think with a bit of your attention I can tell you why you’d want to own RAYHOMEs fantastic hummingbird feeder! So without further ado, let’s get started!

RAYHOME Hummingbird Feeder Features

The colorful design mimics natural flowers, which in a hummingbird’s mind, contain the most nectar. They look for the natural hues of red, pink, orange, and yellow when looking for food, so RAYHOME made theirs a perfect mimic of this spectrum of colors to attract the attention of all your local hummingbirds! It also uses an upgraded leak proof design they spent quite a while perfecting. The plastic base of the feeder slots into the silicone sealing ring ensuring your feeder is airtight, though in the case of high winds you’ll wanna use S hooks and a bit of rope to ensure the feeder isn’t tipped which would cause it to leak!

For any environmentally conscious shoppers out there, I’m happy to inform you that the RAYHOME hummingbird feeder uses environmentally friendly plastic polymer materials. The bottle body is dyed to last for a long time despite wear and tear, and the base uses 3D printing to properly mimic flowers even more closely, ensuring hummingbirds stay longer! It’s also  very resistant to the summer heat when compared with other glass and iron bird feeders. Overheating can make the honey or nectar in a bird feeder spoil quicker, which is no good for your hummingbirds! Its multiple feeding ports and perches also allow visiting hummingbirds to take a rest should they be so inclined! They don’t rest often but it’s quite the magical sight when they do, and certainly not one to miss, that’s for sure.

On top of all these fantastic features, RAYHOMEs is simple to clean and fill. The bottle and base are somewhat large, so you simply fill the container with honey/nectar, screw it into the base, then turn it over! The wide mouth of the bottle ensures easy cleaning and filling, and the base is detachable! They also included a cleaning brush for the easiest possible bird feeder owners experience! Considering how sticky honey is, this is quite a fantastic inclusion and extremely thoughtful of the consumer on RAYHOMEs part. 


A good bird feeder will provide you with entertainment while also giving the local birds somewhere lovely to get a free bite to eat, and frankly there’s not a thing about that I don’t like. Rayhome has made a fantastic feeder, and my personal favorite parts are the colorful design that would be at home in my own garden (I play nothing but colorful flowers, fruits, and vegetables.), as well as the feeding ports. The airtight design is also of note, as insect swarms AREN’T who we’re looking to feed by purchasing this product. With the coming summer ahead of us, this is a great purchase at a perfect time, and I hope you’ll consider it as you plan your summer decorating. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful rest of your day!