Mannequin to train martial arts. Check out Century BOB XL

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Do you need a realistic workout bag to complement your workouts?

If you practice any martial art, you should know the importance of having realistic training. There are many add-ons to enhance your martial arts entries. That’s why I took it upon myself to look for the best realistic-looking entry bag. The Century Martial Arts BOB XL punching bag is a great product for those who train at home or have a gym. It is a punching bag of good quality, with a realistic design, and a very interesting price. It can be placed at various heights, so it fits the needs of everyone.  If you want to get a real workout you would surely like to know more about this product. The main drawback that can be found in the price since it is an important investment but considering its benefits it must be said that if you have the necessary budget, it is worth it.  The most remarkable thing is its incredible quality. It is a punching bag made in the United States.

Characteristics of Century Martial Arts BOB XL

Century Martial Arts BOB XL is a punching bag with an ideal base for both professional gyms and to make domestic use of it. Made in the United States, this punching bag has up to 8 height adjustments to suit your specific needs. This punching bag is characterized by having a design of a person that is truly realistic. It has dimensions of 61 x 61 x 155 cm and a weight of 25 kilograms. It should seal the base with water or sand to ensure good stability and firmness during use. When filled with water or sand its weight can amount to 150-180 kilograms.  This punching bag offers a very realistic experience, as it has a stocky man’s form and is very similar to training with a flesh and blood person. In other words, it’s not just any punching bag. It is designed for those who train with this unique punching bag to feel the blows as if they were real human skin. It has a hole through which water or sand must be added to achieve an adequate weight to guarantee stability and firmness. It is enough to fill three quarters to fulfill its function.

Advantages and disadvantages


It is a very useful tool for those who want to train in martial arts or boxing in a more professional way.  It has been made with materials of the highest quality, resistant and durable. It offers a very realistic design and touch, similar to a flesh and blood person.  It can be adjusted in height up to 8 different positions (from 1’50 to almost 2 meters.). Both the neck and the head of the mannequin move as it is hit.


The price is indisputably the biggest drawback offered by this product, since it supposes an important economic outlay, although if you have the necessary budget, it is a great choice.  The dimensions of the plug through which it is filled are somewhat small, so it is somewhat complex to fill the bag with sand and it is easier to do it with water.

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